Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Days at VLV!!!

And here is my last post about last VIVA LAS VEGAS.

It's also a really heavy post with many pictures!

So here is our thursday day outfits.

That was our 4th time in Vegas.

But that was the first time we took some time to make a picture in front of the Las Vegas sign!

We had a gorgeous room in the Orleans.

VLV bracelet was orange this year... I hate orange...

I bought this gorgeous lilac purse in L.A. a few days before like this pink deadstock sweater!

Thurday was the opening of vendors room!!! But we didn't snap many picture of this first day...

This is a picture of our second day... by the pool.
Gorgeous picture by our friend Misteratomic from Paris!

I was already so tired....

We wanted to enjoy days and nights, no easy...

We decided to visit the car show by evening.

Viva was really early this year...

at the end of march, so weather was sometimes hot but chilly in the evenings.

I bought this 50's hawaiian dress in Bruxelles last year.

I was with my friend Sylvie like this evening!

And it was already the 3rd day...

Car show is a huge part of VLV.

 My husband is such a vintage cars fan that he didn't want to miss any cars...

There are more and more original cars...

not only customs and hot rods!

I bought this 50's hawaiian blue dress in the vendors room the day before...

Sylvain was enjoying every details...

and searching for the best models!

We visited this event early in the morning...

and we came back after a nap to enjoy the end of the afternoon.

We met there a lot of french people like Miss Liz.

We also spent a nice moment with our US friends,

waiting for the most expected concert of the week-end.

What fun souvenirs!!!

We laughed so much!

Cannot believe it was already 3 months ago!

After almost 1 hour, he finally arrived...


My feet hurt so much that I followed this concert....

bared feet!!!

These 40's couple sweaters that our friends was wearring were incredible!

I liked the fabric of this blue dress with black and gold hawaiian flowers...

But not sure if this cut fits me well...

And here is the last day...

Ready for the pool party!!!

I always bring vintage swim suits in my suitcase but never wear them...

I choose to wear a 40's style short and a vintage 50's hawaiian tea timer.

Vintage hawaiian shirt also for Sylvain.

I loved this 50's set that Sylvie was wearing, I think she made a post on her blog about it.

Sunday was sunny but also quite windy!

It's always nice to see so much vintage beach outfits in the same place!

Blue sky and palm trees, that's paradise!

I'm not used to wear shorts but this repro by My Baby Jo looks great.

I also bought this hawaiian shirt in Vegas for $20 only! What a bargain!!!

And it was time to go to a special show!

The one that you cannot miss at VLV, Charles Phoenix's slides show! So funny!!!

Hotel is alredy booked for next year... so see you there!!!

Will you be at Viva in 2014?
Have you already booked?