Monday, June 25, 2012


We spent a really busy week-end with friends in CHIMAY(Belgium)...

 It was the first European Hot Rod and Custom Show.

We left home with friends on Friday evening.

Sylvain drived his '58 Lincon Continantal.

We were about 15 cars driving together.
We were the first car to stop because the heat of our motor was too high.....

I chose a "Rosie" style for this Hot Rod event....


A small stop at the gas station....

The second car down was Yohan's rod enable to start again!

We planned to arrive before the night but with all problem we arrived really late.

And after a short night we was at the entrance of Chimay racetrack.

The Gormandizers stand was really nice looking, isn't it?

And here is our style for this first day.

I didn't keep my hat long because it was quite windy!
The funniest event of the week-end was soap box cars race!!!

2 friends participated to the race with self made cars.

Here is the fisrt one which won the second place!
And the second one with a more rusty look....

We saw so much nice cars...

The atmosphere was really friendly with some cars cruising around!

Hot rods and customs were everywhere coming from allover Europe.

Guys coming from G-B made a really nice display.

It seems I have no legs on this picture...

There were a lot of races.

The organisation was not the best ever...

I didn't appreciate the music bands a lot, so we spent evening with our crazy friends!!!!

But the second began with rain... A LOT OF RAIN!!!!

Look at this beautiful car shoe design... nice, isn't it?

We stayed inside for a few hours.
And finally chose to come back home despite the rain which didn't stop even for a minute... 10 vintage cars following each others without wipers....

About 5 hours for 180km... with a car like a sinking boat... convertible cars are not the best for raining days!!!!

It was a really nice week-end but we will remember this driving home forever!!!!

Do you like Hot Rods or/and custom cars?
Did you ever go to this kind of events?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Father's day

This sunday was father's day here in France, so I spent a nice evening with mine!
We shared a delicious chineese meal in a good restaurant...

I will show you my outfit for this special evening!

I was wearing one of my favorite costume jewelery set: nice yellow plastic flowers with small pearls.

I like these kind of simple coton dresses for hot weather: comfy and elegant!

My hair was really nice because I put hair rolls for this saturday wedding.

This dress is a bit large for me now but it's perfect for a huge chineese meal....

I forgot to take a picture with my father.... so here is one some years ago!!!!

Was it father's day in your country this week-end ?
What did you do with him ?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedding time!!!

Last Saturday we had another excuse to meet friends for a big party.... it was Madeleine and Yannick wedding!!!

They were already married because they said "I do" in Vegas last March.

But they asked all friends and familly to come for an official wedding in a small cute church.

Unfortunaly, the weather was not the best.... Cold and rainy!

But our couple was just so happy that we forgot the rain!

I was wearing a 50's yellow suit bought about 2 years ago in a vintage shop in Lancaster (PA).

You are both so LOVELY guys!!!!

About 500m in their '55 Bel Air to reach the place where the party was planned.

Perfect weather to go out with one of my vintage umbrellas...

Look at these bad Gormandizers boys... not even sacry!!!

We spent a really nice evening: chating, eating, dancing... it was a small but so friendly wedding!

 We had to wait for the sun to rise to be able to come home because of some battery problem on our friends vintage pick-up....

Join me to wish a happy life to
Madeleine, Yannick, their cute baby Lemy and .... a surprise that will come in next january!!!!

Do you prefer small or big wedding?
Do you believe in the saying "Rainy wedding, Happy wedding"?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bad side of vintage cars...

Yesterday, we should go to a big vintage cars event at a big lake about 80km from home. We leaved at about 10 A.M. and we arrived at .... NEVER!!!

After only 7km, we smelled burnt and decided to leave the highway.
Nothing seen so we chose to continue but after a few meters our Lincoln was down....

The fluorecent security triangle had to leave the trunk...

Despite I'm an engineer, I'm a really poor mechanical....

and my husband is also not the best one!

I had to keep the keys when my husband  went back home to pick up some parts...My wait was long and I took many silly pictures of myself in order for time to pass faster!


Fortunatly a lot of nice people gave us help especially some bikers who found what was wrong: the electrical coil. A small part for a big problem!!!  We finally could go home at about 6P.M. with a working car.

I was really unhappy because some friends were waiting for us and we missed a nice picnic around a huge lake...

Moreover I spent a lot of time to pick up my clothes and accessories in order to match our Lincoln....

So you will be the only one to enjoy my yesterday outfit!

The best thing about this bad day was we met really nice people who helped us and who we will probably keep in touch now !

Have you ever experienced bad side of vintage cars ?
What do you think of my matching outfit ?