Monday, June 25, 2012


We spent a really busy week-end with friends in CHIMAY(Belgium)...

 It was the first European Hot Rod and Custom Show.

We left home with friends on Friday evening.

Sylvain drived his '58 Lincon Continantal.

We were about 15 cars driving together.
We were the first car to stop because the heat of our motor was too high.....

I chose a "Rosie" style for this Hot Rod event....


A small stop at the gas station....

The second car down was Yohan's rod enable to start again!

We planned to arrive before the night but with all problem we arrived really late.

And after a short night we was at the entrance of Chimay racetrack.

The Gormandizers stand was really nice looking, isn't it?

And here is our style for this first day.

I didn't keep my hat long because it was quite windy!
The funniest event of the week-end was soap box cars race!!!

2 friends participated to the race with self made cars.

Here is the fisrt one which won the second place!
And the second one with a more rusty look....

We saw so much nice cars...

The atmosphere was really friendly with some cars cruising around!

Hot rods and customs were everywhere coming from allover Europe.

Guys coming from G-B made a really nice display.

It seems I have no legs on this picture...

There were a lot of races.

The organisation was not the best ever...

I didn't appreciate the music bands a lot, so we spent evening with our crazy friends!!!!

But the second began with rain... A LOT OF RAIN!!!!

Look at this beautiful car shoe design... nice, isn't it?

We stayed inside for a few hours.
And finally chose to come back home despite the rain which didn't stop even for a minute... 10 vintage cars following each others without wipers....

About 5 hours for 180km... with a car like a sinking boat... convertible cars are not the best for raining days!!!!

It was a really nice week-end but we will remember this driving home forever!!!!

Do you like Hot Rods or/and custom cars?
Did you ever go to this kind of events?


  1. Wow does that sound familiar. We have an event out here in the states call The Dream Cruise. This events has thousands of vintage cars just driving around this one town and they also park everywhere. The first time we went we took our 1965 Buick Skylark and it also over heated, at least we over heated under a bridge and had some nice shade.

  2. It looks like so much fun!

    So much lovely style throughout this post! Are those little birds on your sweater pins or sweater clips? Whatever they are, I love them and your big black hat *so* much! The last pic of you and your husband is just so pretty - so many soft pastel colours.

    1. It's just a pin, there is a pearl link between the 2 birds. It's a vintage french brooch and sweater clips didn't exist in France in the 50's, it was typicaly US.

  3. Oh no! YOu looked gorgeous despite being drowned in a leaky car!

  4. Hi, I was next to you at the petrol station on Sunday morning in the '57 Chevy :) It was a good weekend. I have some photos up on my blog...

  5. It looks like fun, cool fashions, and fantastic cars! I love all of your outfits; you always look darling! In the last pic of you and hubby, he looks like a rather young, BROWN-eyed Frank Sinatra!

  6. Oh I just love all of your photos and outfits! Especially that red Squaw dress! And if only that shoe was real! I would own a dozen pairs!