Sunday, April 28, 2013

40's MEXICAN jacket

Here are some more pictures of last week-end...

My brother in law was visited us so you will be able to see us together!

I must tell you that I found during our US trip another thing that I was looking for ages!

A 40's mexican jacket!!!

Most of the time this kind of jackets are small size and full of holes.

I found it in the same shop than THIS dress in Hollywood...

These jackets were hand made in Mexico for tourists.
Did you see Janey's recent post about them?

My hubby had one of his classic outfits!
Early 50's sport jacket...
Felt hat...
50's high waisted flecked pants...
an AMAZING new 40's tie and...
his grand-father shoes!!!
Not in pristine condition but a familly treasure!
That was not easy to find perfectly matching accessories with this colorfull jacket...
Not sure if I didn't choose too much things and colors.. perhaps this scarf was too much?
This sweater is vintage of the 50's, so delicate!
Do you remember that purse bought just after our vacations?

This 40's beret was find last week in a flea market.
And look at the beautiful label inside!!!! 

My winter MISS L FIRE embroidered boots matched well...

Do you like simple outfits posts ?
Do you own one of these nice jackets ?



Friday, April 26, 2013


Weather is really strange lately...

Summer one day and winter the next one...
Last week-end was like winter cold and windy...
So it was perfect time to inaugurate a new sweater!
I fell in love with this burgundy color in a vintage shop in Burbank.
My advice is to always choose the best matching accessories, choose 3 colors max!
My husband can also not resist to go out with a new purchase...
He purchased that short jacket in VLV.
and I must tell you that he was more on a shopping mood than me!!!
I love red on him...
and on me too!
My 50's skirt is french, a really old purchase from flea market.
Did you notice my bakelite charm bracelet? ... 1.5 euro... jealous?
A lot of people ask my husband how his tie bar works... no hole in his beautiful 40's ties, it's just a clip!
You can see on those pictures that even it's quite cold outside... flowers are beginning to grow in our area!
We had to find an indoor activity...
We went to one more flea market...

Some cute finds: purse, umbrella, records... and some incredible but expensive items to watch!

Do you like to wear your new purchase as soon as possible ?
Do you like to match assecories ?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

DISNEYLAND with friends

And here is one more post about our US trip!

Do you recognize this ground?
Disneyland of course!!!
We didn't plan to spent a day there but some friends invited us to go, we could not refuse a visit to Mickey!
Here are us waiting for a huge breakfast!
And with a full stomach, we were able to walk all the day to not miss anything!
Benny and Sylvain in front of a '37 Packard... Benny have the same one but convertible you will be able to see it in a next post!

 "Miror, miror, tell me who are the most beautiful???"

We took part of the show!

Sylvain and Benny danced with the jazz singer! So funny!!!

Do you remember? That's our just married friends!

We started by visiting California Adventure.

It's like coming back in Hollywood in the 40's.

We were already there 5 years but it changed so much!

It was spring break in California...

so Disney parks were so crowdy!

We had to choose the attractions that we really wanted to do, because we had to wait a lot to do only one...

But all sceneries are so beautiful...

just strolling around is a real pleasure!

But I must tell that Disneyland is very expensive...

$125 for one day, two parks!!!!

Fortunatly some friends working there could let us enter for free, lucky us!

It was really spring with amazing flower trees!!!

There is a part of the park that we really liked!

CARS LAND of course!!!

Back to Radiator Spring in the 50's...

We really love this movie...

so it was nice to see how they were able to recreate this town!

Disneyland is always fun...

but with friends it's even better!!!

Do these '59 Cadillac light flowers smell good?

Weather was quite strange, sunny, sometime hot and chilly a minute later...

I realize that I didn't take so much pictures in the main park...

 perhaps because it's closed to Disneyland Paris!

Have you ever been to a Disney park?
What was your favorite attraction?