Sunday, April 7, 2013


Sorry guys!!! You have perhaps noticed our absence these last 3 weeks...

We were on vacation far, far away from home....
We spent about 3 weeks in California.

But we had several goals there.
2 couples of american friends got married and of course we had to end our trip with VIVA LAS VEGAS...
Here is the first crazy groom!!!
So for the first wedding we went for the first time at Catalina Island less than 2 hours boat from Los Angeles.

A place really out of time... most of buildings date from the 20's-30's.
The wedding we had to attend was of course a vintage 30's style one and our friends choose an enchanting place, the Avalon's Ballroom.
During 3 days the streets of Avalon were full of vintage style people wearing amazing suits from the 40's and lovely dresses of the 30's...
A lot of tourists asked us what was happening!
Felt like a vintage paradise!!!

We met a lot of new friends from California but also from Europe...
We met Lars from Danemark. 

When we share the love of vintage stuffs, friendship is easy!

Weather was not too hot, even a bit fog in the morning. 

Avalon is a really tiny town...

you can visit everything by walking!

We arrived on friday, a day before the wedding.

Catalina is really a place that's worth a visit!

Really old for californian people not so much for us european people...

But I must tell you that we were really inpressed by Avalon's Casino....

A round ART DECO building in front of the sea and so well preserved!

There is a still working movie theater in the first level... still furnished like in the 20's!!!

The second floor is a huge ballroom...

A lot of fun for our first day in the USA...

We finished this special day with a BBQ with friends.

Here is the groom of the second wedding we attended...

Too much for one day... I was so tired....

To be continued....
Did you notice our absence ?
Have you ever been to Catalina Island ?


  1. Having lived in California, I never actually made it to Catalina Island. I always wanted to go and visit but never found the time since I worked Saturdays. My parents and siblings went and thought it was nice.

    I bet it was a sight to see, so many vintage aficionados strolling in the perfect setting.

  2. What stylish grooms - and you all look wonderful, as usual. The weather looks great, much better than what we've been having where I live. I wouldn't mind a holiday there myself.

  3. What an amazing place! I've put it on my wishlist of places to visit!

  4. One of my friends was at one of the weddings you went to so I spied you in one of her snap shots. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

  5. I wondered where you'd been, I have been missing your posts!

  6. That's so awesome! I live in LA but have never been to Catalina! I'm looking forward to your next posts to see where in California I should go :)

  7. We had such a great time hanging out with you guys!!! I'm glad that you enjoyed Catalina! I can't wait to see the rest of your photos and I hope that we get to see you again soon! Please say hello to Sylvain.

  8. Must have been a wonderful vacation! I can't wait to see more pictures..!

  9. What a stellar trip that must have been! I love all the exciting places you two travel to, and can't wait to see more snaps from this latest exciting adventure.

    ♥ Jessica


    Happiest congrats to both of your sets of friends on their recent nuptials.

  10. I live in Northern CA and have been all over the state but never Catalina! It looks beautiful as do you!
    ~xoxo CoriLynn

  11. Oh I wish I could have gone to Catalina on this trip! It looks so wonderful! Maybe next time.... Great to meet you and Sylvain! I just wrote a blog about bloggers who I met on this trip, and now realised to my horror that I didn't include you!! I will have to amend it as soon as I get home!!!

  12. This looks like an amazing place to visit! The buildings are all so beautiful. And you all look so stylish, its like seeing a vintage film set come to life!

  13. That island looks so lovely. I can't wait to see more of your pictures!