Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vintage WEDDING at Avalon's Ballroom

And here is what you wanted to see...

Our 30's outfits for our friends' wedding!
That was a nice ceremony...
shorter and more fun than our french ones!
Look at the beautiful vintage gown of the bride!!!

The ceremony took place in a small chapel in Avalon.

So much well dressed people!

After the chapel, girls changed their outfit for evening gowns...
Here is what I worn!
I don't wear a lot of 30's clothes...
 but I own this dress since many years and had never find the place to be able to wear it.

 As black is perhaps a bit sad for a wedding, I asked to the sweet Irene from Swell Dame to create for me this gardenia set! 

As Avalon is so small we walked from the chapel to the Ballroom...

Sylvain was wearing a 30's suit with nice wide legs pants!
Avalon's Casino is really an amazing place....
I stole this above picture from a friend of FB, I love it!

So many stars of the 30's-40's came to sing, play and dance there! 
The Ballroom is really breathless!!!!!!!!!!

The view had not to be missed!!!
Being there was like a dream...

Here is the bride with a second dress....
her bridemaids were just GORGEOUS!
Here is the groom wearing a cream vintage tuxedo...
these crazy boys were also wearing vintage tuxedos, you rocked guys!!!
This post is really long because I was not able to choose between those or those pictures...
hope that you will not feel bored...
We met a lot of people in Catalina... for exemple Chris (from Wacky Tacky) and his sister Mary, FB friends that I really wanted to meet in reality!
The dance floor can look a bit empty but that's because the space is so huge... 2000 people can fit in this room!
Did I mentionned that we found Sylvain's suit in a flea market in Belgium for 8 euros?
Moreover the size was perfect... what else to ask?

After a good meal....
we could not stay sitted anymore...
it was PARTY time!
The bride and the groom opened the ball...
and everybody followed them!
A lot of bands and special guests performed on stage...
Among them our friends Mary, Chris, Jody.
We even had the chance to meet Raffi, an eleven old french boy that plays and sings like Little Richard! We already knew him, he was finalist at a TV show in FRANCE! 
After a few Champagne cups...

the atmosphere warmed up a bit more...

 isn't it, Mr. Tiny?

All pictures with the moon come from Paper Moon Vintage. 

 You can see all the guests outfits HERE!

That was an unforgettable evening... we want to thank Benny and Jen for asking us to be part of the best day of their lives!!!

So what do you think about our just married couple ?
Was your wedding vintage inspired ?


  1. What a lovely wedding! I just love how you accessorized with flowers. So perfect! Thanks for sharing all of these lovely ladies and gents.

  2. awesome weeding ,very nice pictures

  3. Oh the bride was so beautiful and her dress was divine! What a fabulous wedding! I would love to renew my vows and have a vintage wedding hehehe You and your husband looked dashing. You hat and dress-just beautiful-you outdid yourself my dear! Love it! xox

  4. Only WOW!!!! Lovely wedding..And you look gorgeous...Love all! Adalgisa Duque -Svensson from Brasil :)

  5. You both look lovely and dressed perfectly for the occasion! What a gorgeous wedding! Catalina is so beautiful! We had our wedding / reception in a ballroom built in 1927 near where we live. Though beautiful, it does not compare to the Avalon Casino Ballroom!

  6. What an AMAZING wedding! I would love a 1930s style wedding - the location is just perfect!

  7. Awesome pictures - looks like you had a ball!

  8. Hahahahaha!!! I always forget that people have cameras. These pictures will probably haunt me for the rest of my life! You guys looked awesome, as usual. We had such a lovely time hanging out with you. What a beautiful day!

  9. Everyone looked so dapper! How fun that must have been.

    My husband and I renewed our vows many years ago with a Renaissance themed wedding - way further back vintage than you are referring to, I know - but it was so much fun. We may renew them again some day with a 30s or 50s theme.

  10. How fun! The dress looks fabulous on you and perfect accessories. I think maybe you should add more 30's dresses to your wardobe:)

  11. Gorgeous! I love Catalina! It's a shame I've lived in Los Angeles my entire life and have only been out there once.

  12. How lovely! What great inspiration for other vintage weddings.

  13. What a lovely day! This looks like a perfect wedding! :)

  14. What a beautiful wedding and reception.


  15. What a lovely night! Looks like the perfect place for a vintage themed night and all the clothes are stunning. Sigh.

  16. This really has to be one of the most enchantingly beautiful vintage themed weddings I've ever had the pleasure of seeing images of. From the paper moon photo to you guys' elegant ensembles to the bride's jaw-droppingly gorgeous dress, there is so very much to adore and draw inspiration from.

    ♥ Jessica

  17. gorgeous!!! what a beautiful wedding! so great!!!