Friday, April 26, 2013


Weather is really strange lately...

Summer one day and winter the next one...
Last week-end was like winter cold and windy...
So it was perfect time to inaugurate a new sweater!
I fell in love with this burgundy color in a vintage shop in Burbank.
My advice is to always choose the best matching accessories, choose 3 colors max!
My husband can also not resist to go out with a new purchase...
He purchased that short jacket in VLV.
and I must tell you that he was more on a shopping mood than me!!!
I love red on him...
and on me too!
My 50's skirt is french, a really old purchase from flea market.
Did you notice my bakelite charm bracelet? ... 1.5 euro... jealous?
A lot of people ask my husband how his tie bar works... no hole in his beautiful 40's ties, it's just a clip!
You can see on those pictures that even it's quite cold outside... flowers are beginning to grow in our area!
We had to find an indoor activity...
We went to one more flea market...

Some cute finds: purse, umbrella, records... and some incredible but expensive items to watch!

Do you like to wear your new purchase as soon as possible ?
Do you like to match assecories ?


  1. You two look fantastic in your stylish red, white and black ensembles. I just love the wee little, wonderfully feminine collar poking out of your cardigan. I simply must remember to try a similar look myself with my smaller collared button front shirts.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I really think you two are so adorable together. Most of the vintage bloggers are ladies and their husbands/SO's are not interested in vintage, but I think it's wonderful that you both are.

    The Fictionista

  3. You two are ridiculously cute! :) I tend to like to wear new things right away but after a few really warm days earlier this month, I switched to spring/summer sewing but then it got chilly again! So I have a few things just waiting for warmer weather. Next week is supposed to be lovely!

  4. Love your whole look. And your husband looks adorable too, of course^^
    But I must ask you about your shoes. Where did you get them or what brand are they? I'm looking for ones like these snce mine (a similar pair) are worn out by now.

    1. These shoes are swing dance shoes, bought in a shop for dancers.... but I must tell you that the soles are not really made to go outside, they have made of suede... I think they will not last long, but they are comfy.

  5. You two certainly match quite well together:) How fun that you both enjoy to go thrifting together:)

  6. You look great together! Your little shoes and your BAG is absolutely divine! What a fun flea market to go to.

  7. Fabulous, as ever!! We've been having strange weather, too. thank goodness for flea markets!

  8. c'est clair on ne sait plus quoi mettre avec ce temps ! Un coup fait chaud (dans les 25°C en début de semaine !) et le lendemain brrrrr je retrouve mes collants la veste et tout !

    Superbes tous les 2 en rouge te noir ;-)

    Je suis fan de ton bracelet !


  9. you're right, wheather is confusing (no, actually it's shitty), ... the last two days it was mostly raining and it turned quite cold again. but even the weather is sad, you both look as great as ever. your hubby's swing pants are adorable and your cardi and purse are to die for.

    yes, i love to wear my new purchases right away. sadly flea amrket pieces nees to be cleaned and washed first most of the time.

  10. You look lovely, and your bracelet is fab! Hold tight to Sylvain or I'll kidnap him, he's a dish. ;) It sounds like your weather is just like our Danish weather, I long for warmer weather.