Monday, October 31, 2016


We are often searching for new spots to take pictures...

but we forgot that one of the best place can be our home!

Here is my first hairstyle achieved with hot rollers.

I was quite pleased with the result.

With wet sets, I have always the feeling to be a real poodle....

A touch of Xmas before Xmas...

You must have noticed this beautiful skirt!

It was made for me by Debora from The Black Pinafore.

This vintage fabric and bakelite buttons were from my personnal collection.

She really respects old materials

 and create pieces with the perfect vintage look!

Living in this house, we forgot that it's quite a special one...

For us it's just the place we live in...

But when other people visit us,

we remember that our home is... different!

I LOVE vintage glasses...

it's becoming harder and harder to stock this fragile collection!

I have even a few sets that I brought back from our US trips.

I always fear to broke one so we don't use the complete sets...

I have found this amazing carved green bakelite bangle

at a local flea market! Real score!

Our house was built in 1965...

and we brought it back in the 50's!

That was quite easy as many things are original inside.

We fell in love with the house because of the main stairs !

All the interior is furnished with vintage.

One of our main pieces is this 1958 AMI Juke-Box.

Everything was find in flea markets, thrift stores, antiques malls...

So much souvenirs!!!

Sylvain wanted to wear his vintage lurex shirt on that day!

And a PINK one!!!

Good taste, bad taste????

We also like our place because...

it's in a quiet countryside...

the view from our bedroom is so peacefull.

We can laugh really hard without being bother by the neighbours!

Sylvain really likes pictures of details

and also textures ones! So ENJOY!

Do you like LUREX on men?
Do you like posts in our home sweet home?

On cherche souvent bien loin ce que l'on a juste sous les yeux! Nous sommes souvent à la recherches de nouveaux coins intemporels pour prendre des photos, mais on oublie qu'on a l'un des meilleur décor juste sous la main: notre maison!!! Donc voici quelques clichés de notre intérieur entièrement meublé d'époque avec des choses chinées déci delà et remplies de souvenirs!
- Joyeux Halloween! -

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

NEW LOOK vs 30's...

We had a really nice sunday....

Under the sun... that is quite rare for this season!

We went to Metz, the biggest city near home,

where we enjoyed a good meal with friends.

This is really the perfect weather for vintage...

No coat needed, just a jacket or a sweater!

And mainly NO rain!

Perfect to inaugurate my new shoes...

they are from Miss L Fire.

I love this brand but many of their models are not made for rainy days...

For once, Sylvain and I didn't match perfectly.

a casual 30's style for Sylvain

and a elegant 50's style for me!

I  love this vintage black jacket.

Just SO classic and SO NEW LOOK !!

It is french found long time ago in a flea market.

It was certainly a part of a full suit one day...

But it gives a perfect NEW LOOK style with a full skirt!

And what a skirt!!!

Lovely scarecrows border print, 

I cannot wear jacket without a brooch!

This is a Léa Stein cat.

I have just created a new FACEBOOK for Brooches addicts,
please join me HERE!


More cats with this AMAZING bracelet!

It is from Marie-Christine PAVONE.

We decided to have a boat ride on the Moselle River.

That was really fun!

A small 4 places electric boat...

My hubby chose his outfit

around this Varsity sweater.

He fell in love with this cute squirel!

This sweater is quite a mistery...

It was sold as a woman one.

But the way it is butonned means it's a man one...

However, it is quite short for a sweater from 1961...

that's why it is perfect for a 30's look!

We want more days like this one!!!!

What is your opinion about that sweater: woman or man?
Are you a brooches addict?

Quel beau dimanche nous avons eu!!! Un temps parfait pour tout collectionneur de vintage! Pas trop chaud et surtout pas de pluie!
Nous en avons profité pour flâner le long de la Moselle (et même sur la Moselle, puisque nous avons loué un petit bateau pour une balade bien sympa!) Un style bien NEW LOOK pour moi et un style un peu gavroche pour Sylvain... on aimerait des journées comme celle-ci tous les jours!