Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Around the Lake....

This week-end was the first days of my summer vacation!

So I drove my '54 chevy to a small vintage cars event.

It was near a charming lake...

I chose to wear yellow that is a pretty hard color to wear for a blonde gal.

You will certainly recognize one of the most famous french car, the 2 CV (2 horses) from CITROEN.

Most of the cars were european...

and in these kind of local events, there are more and more cars from the 70's, 80's and even 90's... I don't like this so much...

But there are also some nice things from the era we love.

Here is the ARONDE (means swallow) from SIMCA a small french car from the 50's.

The colors of these pictures are quite light due to a mistake of selection on my camera, but it's not so bad... give a vintage look, isn't it?

I bought these dress 4 years ago at Viva Las Vegas.

The DS from CITROEN is also a iconic french car from the 50's really futurist for this era.

Another french car a DYNA from Panhard.

This is a 1922 DELAGE a really luxurious french car.

You will ask me what is this egg next to my car.... just a vintage 50's pump for firemen!

This cute little red MG from the 50's is our neighbours one.

A small utility car, the Prairie model from RENAULT.

We also find some time to visit a nice flea market and here are my finds of the day, all these for 2 euros...

One bakelite bangle and another made of plastic probably from the 60's like this cute chineese brooch.

And I was lucky enough today to find this CUTE little purse from the 50's made with a kind of coconut!!!!

Do you know some french cars from the 50's?
What do you think a this coconut purse?

Monday, July 30, 2012


Last saturday came at home some journalists from Luxembourg. As vintage is really fashionnable lately, their magazine called BOLD will have a full issue in September dealing with vintage.

They wanted to take some pictures of us in our interior.

So I took some time to do a perfect 50's hairstyle!!!

I know how to style my hair but most of the time, I'm too lazy to take some time on the evening to put hair rollers....

I didn't often take pictures inside home for this blog, so you will be able to see more about our home sweet home...

The suit I'm wearing was bought in San Fransisco last March at RELIC VINTAGE.

My hat come from an antique mall in Bakersfield also during our last US trip.

Earrings bought for $1 at Passadena flea market...

This purse come from an Antiques shop in Chicago 3 years ago and the shoes come from a flea market in Paris many years ago, they were made by BALLY and were new old stock!!!!

Pearl necklace and bracelet are presents from my husband.

I don't think I have ever shown you my kitchen.

And here is a part of my living room...

I also love the hall, it's why we fell in love with that house.

After a nice summer week, rain came back... and we missed the beginning of Olympic Games due to a huge frightening storm...

I hope this post was not too long for you..

How many time do you usually take for your daily hairstyle?
What do you think of home sweet home?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

SUN is back !!!

After an awfull spring and a rainy cold summer, sun finally came back!!!!

And what to do on a sunny Sunday morning????

Going to flea markets of course!

It was not really hot but it's so good to feel the sun....

We didn't find much but it was a pleasure to meet friends.

I chose to wear navy blue and red, one of my favorite colors combination.

My husband is holding here one of my find of the day, I will show you what it is in a next post...


Sun is always a good excuse to go out with one of my vintage straw hats, I love these kind of large hats!!! These glasses are vintage from the 40's (flea market find).

What a pleasure to live in FRANCE and be able to go to a bakery and buy some tasty pastries for a street breakfast!!!!


My husband is also a big gourmand....

I must tell you the story behind this hat.... I bought it some months ago in a german flea market, the old lady who sold it to me told me that she bought it during her honey moon in Italia in the early 50's.

This 50's dress is from the same US friend than my previous post. The 50's sweater was a suit but the skirt was in bad condition.

I found this 40's basket purse for 2 euros some years ago. Love it because it's so large that you can put about everything in it....

Do you wear straw hats in summer?
Do you want to know what we find this week-end?