Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This week-end was really a busy one. Some friends from Finland came to visit us!

And what to do with friends who love vintage like us???

Flea markets and vintage shopping of course! That's why we chose to spend a day in Bruxelles.

Fortunatly, my friend and I have definitively not the same size, that's easier to hunt for vintage together!!!

You must recognized her, she's Sylvie from the blog 365 days vintage. We were also together at VLV in March.

There are a few nice shoppes in Bruxelles.

What a nice 50's stage jacket Sylvain!!!

I fell in love with a 40's hat that would match my outfit perfectly but I had to give up due to its price...

After a quite summer week-end last week, it was already winter in just few days... so COLD!

We had the pleasure to eat in a historical Brasserie where the painter Magritte used to come a lot.

Sharing a drink in the country of beer, Belgium!

We were also pleased to visit Mademoiselle Jean's shop.

She is selling vintage but she also makes her own collection, vintage inspired of course!

Here is the dress that I purchased from her, nice, isn't it?

We ended the day in front of the Atomium.

Do you know the Atomium? It's one of the last buildings of World Fair 1958.

I was in a leopard mood for this freezy day...

The Atomium was fully restored 4 years ago for its 50th anniversary.

It is worth to be visited, there are some great expositions about the 50's inside... and you would be able to ride the fastest elevator during the 50's!

If you want to learn more about Sylvie's outfit, visit her blog on fintage website!

Sylvie and I share love for vintage clothes and our husbands share love for vintage cars, perfect match!!!

It was a really pleasant day!

What do you think about the light of the Atomium??? Gorgeous!

A small picture of what we bought: dresses,  shoes, fabrics, shirts, blouse, apron, gloves...
Our hunting was very good!!!!

Do you know Sylvie's blog?
Have you ever visited the Atomium in Bruxelles?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Driving a '54 BEL AIR

We had a so nice week-end with a hot sun... it's really Indian summer!

So it was the good time to go out with my Chevy because it will soon sleep several months in our garage for winter...

I wore a quite patriotic outfit...

I love this 40's dress, look at this keys pattern, amazing, isn't it?

Those cheap plastic brooches are always such cuties!

My husband's Lincoln was also out!
I don't know if I ever show you some details about my car.
It's fully restored, but a vintage car always need some care... We dammaged passager side window last spring and saturday I learn how to replace it....
I also have some starter problems, it will be what I have to work on next spring...

The first thing I wanted in my vintage car when I bought it was a hawaiian dash board dancer...
I found this cute girl after days and days of search on Ebay... She was NOS still in the original box!

I have just received a few new handmade snoods from Athelia's Attic. They are so easy to wear! 

I also added a pin-up decal on the back window... Just like me, isn't it?

Here are some details of my Chevy...

Another thing that I wanted was dice caps on the wheel... that's the only custom part of my car!!!

I will tell you a secret... I need to sit on a pillow to drive my Chevy... I'm too small!!! 

I don't drive it so often... perhaps once or twice in a month...
Probably because it's not our only vintage car.

I often prefer that my husband drives...
Moreover, my '54 Chevy is only 2 gears automatic transmission... so it's like being a snail on an Highway!!!!

Do you own a vintage car?
What models make you dream?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As many vintage lovers who are living in cold winter areas, finding wearable vintage boots is a big problem!!!

After a sunny saturday, our week-end finished under rain, a lot of rain...

Perfect to wear for the first time my new Miss L Fire Havana boots... I hesitated a long moment before buying them because they were quite pricey... I finally got them with 10% off with free shipping...

Those gloves are so lovely, found in VLV vintage market in april.

This brown bakelite charm bracelet is one of my favorites!

Do you know the brooches from the french designer Lea Stein? They are so gorgeous, but usually expensive. This dog is one of her designs found in a local thrift store for 1 euro...

This 40's hat comes from an Antique Mall in Las Vegas, bought 4 years ago.

The only thing I like about rainy days is too be able to carry on an umbrella...

To speak more about those pretty boots... they are comfy and warm! I think it will be a big hit among vintage gals this winter because it's so hard to find stylish winter boots nowadays! I think they are almost sold out everywhere...

I forgot to pictured for you my fur earrings which were a perfect match with those boots...

And Mister, what was he wearing????

A classic gray vintage 50's style, simple and elegant, as usual!!!!

What kind of footwear are you using for winter?
Is fall a rainy season like us where you live?