Tuesday, October 30, 2012


This week-end was really a busy one. Some friends from Finland came to visit us!

And what to do with friends who love vintage like us???

Flea markets and vintage shopping of course! That's why we chose to spend a day in Bruxelles.

Fortunatly, my friend and I have definitively not the same size, that's easier to hunt for vintage together!!!

You must recognized her, she's Sylvie from the blog 365 days vintage. We were also together at VLV in March.

There are a few nice shoppes in Bruxelles.

What a nice 50's stage jacket Sylvain!!!

I fell in love with a 40's hat that would match my outfit perfectly but I had to give up due to its price...

After a quite summer week-end last week, it was already winter in just few days... so COLD!

We had the pleasure to eat in a historical Brasserie where the painter Magritte used to come a lot.

Sharing a drink in the country of beer, Belgium!

We were also pleased to visit Mademoiselle Jean's shop.

She is selling vintage but she also makes her own collection, vintage inspired of course!

Here is the dress that I purchased from her, nice, isn't it?

We ended the day in front of the Atomium.

Do you know the Atomium? It's one of the last buildings of World Fair 1958.

I was in a leopard mood for this freezy day...

The Atomium was fully restored 4 years ago for its 50th anniversary.

It is worth to be visited, there are some great expositions about the 50's inside... and you would be able to ride the fastest elevator during the 50's!

If you want to learn more about Sylvie's outfit, visit her blog on fintage website!

Sylvie and I share love for vintage clothes and our husbands share love for vintage cars, perfect match!!!

It was a really pleasant day!

What do you think about the light of the Atomium??? Gorgeous!

A small picture of what we bought: dresses,  shoes, fabrics, shirts, blouse, apron, gloves...
Our hunting was very good!!!!

Do you know Sylvie's blog?
Have you ever visited the Atomium in Bruxelles?


  1. super le reportage, j'étais à Bruxelles aussi ce weekend, on a failli se croiser... si jamais vous passiez un jour à Liège ma porte sera grande ouverte pour vous faire visiter mon petit musée

    encore félicitations pour le blog, toujours aussi plaisant à lire

    Joe / fifties50s

    1. Merci! Pas de problème, si on passe à Liège, on te fera signe!

  2. Oh my, what beautiful finds!

  3. Oooh, this looks like a fun weekend!!! It also looks like you both scored with lots of vintage finds! :)

  4. Jolie expédition ! Ouh que cette bonne bière belge donne envie. Adresses à noter sans faute.

    Merci pour ce post pétillant.

  5. Hi Laurence

    What a beautiful post as always!!
    Could you tell me some vintage adresses in Brussels. I know the vintage market but it would be nice to have some adresses of vintage shops and the name of the beautiful brasserie?
    We go to Brussels in december.

    thank you very much!!

    1. See this post on Solenn's blog: http://tuttifruttivintage.blogspot.fr/2012/05/road-trip-part2.html
      This brasserie is rue de Chartreux.

  6. Nice haul!! You found some fine things!! Too bad about that cute hat :( . You all look so darling - and I noticed you were wearing your NEW BOOTS!! They look awesome! I loved all of the pix - you always seem to find the best spots for photo-taking!!!!!

    Hugs, Sandie

  7. Can I just say how much I'm enjoying your blog and writing style! I love the lights of the Atomium very much and think it was a great place for some pickies. You seem to have bought a quite a few fab things on your weekend together...and I really enjoy Sylvie's blog too. xx Shauna

  8. You have the most fantastic adventures and find the best vintage pieces in Europe, I do believe. Thank you for taking us around on your wonderful day with Sylvie (I've loved following her year long outfit project!).

    ♥ Jessica

  9. great post. i really love the pictures. they make my want to travle ...

  10. What a great day we had! And a fantastic weekend all together!

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