Sunday, October 21, 2012

Driving a '54 BEL AIR

We had a so nice week-end with a hot sun... it's really Indian summer!

So it was the good time to go out with my Chevy because it will soon sleep several months in our garage for winter...

I wore a quite patriotic outfit...

I love this 40's dress, look at this keys pattern, amazing, isn't it?

Those cheap plastic brooches are always such cuties!

My husband's Lincoln was also out!
I don't know if I ever show you some details about my car.
It's fully restored, but a vintage car always need some care... We dammaged passager side window last spring and saturday I learn how to replace it....
I also have some starter problems, it will be what I have to work on next spring...

The first thing I wanted in my vintage car when I bought it was a hawaiian dash board dancer...
I found this cute girl after days and days of search on Ebay... She was NOS still in the original box!

I have just received a few new handmade snoods from Athelia's Attic. They are so easy to wear! 

I also added a pin-up decal on the back window... Just like me, isn't it?

Here are some details of my Chevy...

Another thing that I wanted was dice caps on the wheel... that's the only custom part of my car!!!

I will tell you a secret... I need to sit on a pillow to drive my Chevy... I'm too small!!! 

I don't drive it so often... perhaps once or twice in a month...
Probably because it's not our only vintage car.

I often prefer that my husband drives...
Moreover, my '54 Chevy is only 2 gears automatic transmission... so it's like being a snail on an Highway!!!!

Do you own a vintage car?
What models make you dream?


  1. I am an old car enthusiast as well! My first car was a 1967 Chevy Malibu, sea foam green with a white vinyl top, 307 engine! My father had a 1968 GTO while I was growing up and two 1940 something chevy's in our garage, they never ran and eventually he sold them. Your cars are beautiful, we have a 1965 Buick Skylark sleeping in our garage right now, it needs some work before it can drive again.

  2. Wow, I can tell that a lot of work has gone into that car, it is fabulous. I love your outfit too - so well matched! Thanks for sharing, Au revoir, Maria

  3. Fantastically fun, beautiful outfit, dear gal. That key novelty print will have me swooning all week. I've been meaning to mention something to you about your posts, and that is that I love how you share so many photos usually in each one. I tend to be the same way with my wardrobe posts and always love it when other vintage bloggers are the same way. It's great to see a person really enjoying their vintage clothes and to get to see an outfit (and it's cute details) from lots of different angles.

    Keep up the stylish, incredible work!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. so so gorgeous. that is such a beautiful car. my husband and i really want to have a vintage car someday, we just have to do lots of research and decide what we want to look for.

  5. I simply ADORE the print on your dress!! It's fabulous!


  6. I just drove my '62 Mercury Meteor to work yesterday!

    I've owned it for 10 years. I owned it before I met my husband but, we've restored it together. It was originally bone stock and is now lowered 5 inches, has a custome satin black paint job w/ red metalflake diamonds, all new interior, lake pipes, flame throwers, glass packs, 14" supreme wheels, dash compass, stereo/cd player, spider web headlight covers, hat holder, chrome kleenex holder, chromed ashtray and glove box door, etc etc. I could go on and on - it's my baby!

    We go to approx 2 car shows a week Spring thru the Fall. I do pretty good with awards and trophies but, that's not the reason we go. We just love classic cars and have 8!

  7. I love hearing about other women owning a vintage car. I also own a vintage car, but not from the fifties. My dad only owns vintage cars, so I could not imagine a life without a vintage car. It's a beauty.