Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vintage umbrella for a lazy day...

What I really love in 40's-50's fashion are elegant suits and dresses but sometimes I'm too lazy to wear stockings and heels, especially when the weather is not the best...

So here is how I was dressed a few days ago...

I bought this shirt 4 years ago when I was in Honolulu, the brand is Kalakaua, made in Hawaii. This brand have existed for more than 50 years and do some nice 50's reproductions.

No heels, but flat shoes from the 40's. These were NOS when I bought them in Mamie vintage store in Paris many years ago...

No rainy day, without a pretty vintage umbrella!!! This was a present from my husband.I like to collect them, they were so beautiful nothing compared to our black nowadays ones....

I really like to match color together: pink and blue for this outfit!

This amazing brooch is from Erstwilder.

This charm bracelet is really nice looking but it's also make a nice noise....

This mohair cardigan is so warn, 50's NOS from Ebay bought many years ago but worn for the first time on these pictures... Jeans are also vintage from the 50's.
For my lazy days, I like to wear snood more and more and I'm planning to buy some more in a near future for more colors to match... You are good looking without really caring for your hair...

But what is Mister wearing when I feel too lazy to dress up????

A suit of course!!!!
My husband always want to be different... here with a suit from the 40's!

Why not a nice vintage fedora against rain?

Have you some treasures in your wardrobe that you never wore?
What do you wear when you feel lazy?


  1. Your accessories are sooo pretty! I love the colors-just pops right out at you! And your hubby looks so dashing! What a wonderful lil family you have together!!! xox

  2. Il est rare de te voir en pantalon et cela te va bien aussi.
    Au fait j'ai lu l'article qui est paru sur toi et ton homme, c'est chouette. Alors ça fait quoi d'être célèbre ?

    1. Quel article? Nous avons eu pas mal de publications ces dernières années, notre façon de vivre interpèle souvent... Je porte peu de pantalons parce qu'au final, ils sont assez dur à trouver dans ma taille...

  3. I am so in love with the colour combination of your clothing! That sweater is beautiful, I can't believe you haven't worn it until now. Your shoes are wonderful and I too love to collect vintage umbrellas. There are so many great ones. Sometimes the handles are even better than the umbrellas themselves! I love your husband's ensemble too - you two always make a very handsome couple.

  4. The bracelet is amazing, I love the colors of pink and turquoise together, very 1950's.

  5. I have an almost identical sweater. Never worn it either! I'll have to get it out this fall- you've inspired me!

  6. Just charming:)) Your accessories are spot on and I love how your husband dressed in a 40s suit!


  7. So cute! I just bought some snoods, as I thought they would be great for those days in the office, when I don't have time to curl my hair in the mornings....but I just can't seem to attach them properly! I'm not sure if it doesn't look right because my hair is not long enough, or because I am doing something wrong....!

    1. What kind of snoods do you wear? I used to wear made in China cheap ones but it didn't look good and always sliped. But last year, I order some of Naomi's handmade wool ones. The colors are perfect, and you only need 3 pins to fix it safetly. If your hair are really short, she can perhaps make a smaller one for you. Here is her Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtheliasAttic

  8. Though you describe this outfit as not being very "dressed up", and I completely understand what you mean there (aka, no fancy dresses, stockings, gorgeous hats, etc), I really think it's gorgeous, and impeccably well styled unto itself. I've never seen an outfit of yours that didn't blow my socks off (so to speak!), and this adorable one is certainly no exception.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Such a lovely looking couple. You both look divine.

  10. You too are so fabulous! I love the turquoise jewelry - and your husband looks perfect in a fedora.