Sunday, October 30, 2011


Halloween is not really popular in FRANCE. I never heard about it in my childhood except perhaps in the Spielberg's movie E.T.
I made a party for Halloween for the first time in my life this year.
It was hard to find Halloween decorations because Christmas is already everywhere in shoppes! First clue about my costume...

I wanted to make a perfect party with a lot of "horrible" surprises for our guests!!!

The first surprise was outside of our house, an old cimetery with the names of our guest on fakes graves...

I also wanted an unusual table decoration and I had a good idea while watching some vintage Halloween pictures on Internet... Here is the result!

I made the tablecloth myself and tried keep everything in orange, black and white. Of course every dishes on our table were from the 50's!

Everything we ate or drank was also in shade of orange, black and white!!!

Let's speak more about my costume. I was quite inspirated by all those 40's actresses who made pictures dressed like sexy witches. So I wore a 30's black velvet vintage dress with quite amazing 40's shoes, crocheted 40's gloves and a 50's orange bakelite charm bracelet.

My husband was Dracula wearing a vintage tuxedo from the 50's!

And all our guests was so UGLY and DISGUSTING!!!!

All the food and beverages served were tastefull!!!

An eyes cocktail... (Thanks to Dolo)

Another strange beverage...

A between E.T. and Frankenstein cake...

A real pumkin soup... (Thanks to Vince)

It was a funny and unusual evening with our friends...

Do you celebrate Halloween in your country?
What do you think about our Halloween party, was yours fun?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

HOME SWEET HOME : my living room

I try to live vintage in all aspects of my life and our house is a part of this vintage mania!
I will share with you some pictures of my living room all decorated with 50's furnitures and objects.

Here is the entrance of our living room, please come in!!!

The floor is original with a darker wood star.

I decorated this room about 5 years ago and sometimes when I find some nice things in flea market I want to add them or change some others to make the room more beautiful!

Me today wearing a new vintage 50's wool suit!!!

We bought this nice bamboo bar and the following hawaiian seat this year. I took back this vintage repro fabric from a trip in Honolulu 3 years ago. All fabrics shops are so nice there!

Some 50's shelves useful to expose our flea markets finds.

A 50's sewing small furniture.

A funny 50's magazines holder.

Here is a picture of us in our interior last year.
Picture by Etienne Butterlin for POWERGLIDE Magazine

I imagine this room decoration all by myself I didn't follow any 50's magazines I just put together all what we already owned from our flea markets trips. Furnitures and decorations come from France, Germany, Belgium and the USA. I chose a light pink shade on the wall and atomic barkclothes for windows.

What do you think about my living room?
Do you have a vintage style interior?

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Today I have gone for the first time to a movie theater for at least 7 years!!!!! So it's quite a big event for me... What I love the most is watching comedies from the 30's, 40's and 50's, so I enjoy staying at home spending an evening with some good DVD instead of going to cinema to see a totaly dummy new film!

But this time I really wanted to see a special movie: The Artist.
A french new one with an actor I really love, it's Jean Dujardin. He was awarded at "Festival de Cannes" for this role. This movie is a B&W film and ... silent!!!

On that special day, I selected one of my early 50's favorite dress...

But these days we jumped directly from summer to winter weather... sunny but so cold though I had to wear a coat and these lovely mink collar bought this summer in a flea market!

I wore for the first time this red snood order from ArtheliasAttic on Etsy. I hope to order a blue and a pink ones soon, so true 40's look!

The story takes place in Hollywood in the late 20's, early 30's and deals with the fall of a very famous actor of the silent who doesn't believe in spoken films... it's also a beautiful love story of course!!!

Love this scene when she hug his jacket!!!

Jean Dujardin is amazing in this movie but my award of the best actor go to this little dog, so cute!!!!

I really love this movie and hope it will be a big hit all around the world! No words needed with great story and great actors!!!
I'm not a real 20's fashion or silent movies lover but there I was happy to see that someone think about creating a such different film.

I noticed that a part of the movie was shooted in Cicada Club in L.A. I was there about 3 years ago, an Art Deco Club with great music, great food and an amazing building!!! You must absolutly go there if you visit L.A. Only vintage or evening wears!!!

Look at this amazing trailer and
 I'm sure you will be hooked like I was and run
 to the nearest cimema!!!!

Have you seen or heard about this film ?
 What do you think about it or this trailer?

Monday, October 10, 2011

A special fashion accessory...

I already had vintage cars with my husband a '59 Cadillac and a '59 Buick... but it was not really MY cars, both chosen by him not me. I'm not fan of the late 50's american cars too big, too flat and with an agressive look. I have never driven the Buick and rarely the Cadillac.

I was hoping for a more glamorous car with curves and much more smaller than those big mamas!!!

My first wish was for a small french car: the 4CV Renault.

But I thought these kind of cars were too much collected and quite rustic (only 90km/h top speed).
I was also in love with the Isetta.

But it's a such small car and really expensive for its size!!!

When I saw the ranging prices of these small cars, I tought "Why not a vintage american car for the same price???".

I know very few things in mechanic so I wanted a car in really nice condition. A convertible is really glamorous but not really practical for a girl who always wears hats and wants to keep a perfect hairstyle even when she drives. So I began to look for an american early 50's coupe.

My favorite ones were the Pontiac 1949-1953...

I was in love with the Siver Streak.

I sat behind the wheel of this beauty on sale in Montréal last year, an amazing car in a rare very good original condition. But unfortunaly not in my budget....
I was also interested with '53 and '54 Chevy, two tones with sexy curves and really good looking!

I was following a car thru Ebay for some months before leaving for the USA last year. A '54 Bel Air located near Philadelphia, the car was so beautiful but a little bit too expensive for me. I was hoping to go there to see this car in reality, unfortunatly we were too late to see it on our road to Hershey... I was really sad about that.

But this car and me must have had a fate together... Just arrived in Hershey meeting, it was there on the top of a truck full of 50's cars!!! Its price was more affordable than before but with no cash with me at the end of our vacations so far away from home I could only cry....
But the fate, always fate... After 2 days there, I met by chance a french guy who import cars in Europe, he checked the car with me and he proposed to lend me money... I discussed the price and this beauty was mine driving on US roads towards our motel!

And the fate wanted me to wear on this day the perfect matching dress... most of people called me Lucy (reference to I love Lucy of course!) when they saw me leave with the car.

After one month in a small box on a boat it arrived in France in the harbor of Le Havre... Afterward it slept in our garage with its 2 sisters for a few months waiting for the first sunny spring days.

Do you want a ride with me?

So here is the story of my vintage car; my biggest fashion accessory for sure!!!!

What do you think about it?
Do you dream about a vintage car or own one?

Friday, October 7, 2011

HERSHEY: cars and chocolate....

Already one year.....

I was in Hershey, Pennsylvania, last year at the same moment. Not just for Chocolate but to see the famous vintage cars meeting.
It's known to be the bigger event for vintage cars lovers in the world since 1955!!!
It's a kind of huge flea market but just for cars.

This meeting takes place this week-end for 4 days in Hershey. I think about sharing this incredible meeting with you because I'm pictured with my husband in the french press because of this:
"L'Automobile Magazine" - october 2011
Here is a map of the site (you can be aware of the size with the stadium on the right):

It's so huge that is hard to see everything even in 4 days!!! I was quite afraid to have to look at vintage cars parts for 4 days but I wanted to please my husband who is crazy about 50's cars.
I didn't regret to be there, it was really fun!!!

The cars were amazing, never seen so much oldtimers in one place.

All people were really friendly and we met guys from everywhere in the world looking for some rare parts to restore a car. All hotels about 20 miles from Hershey were full and it was fun to see all those vintage cars parked in front of the motels, everybody talking about vintage cars in restaurants, supermarkets, fuel stations...

Moreover among hundred and hundred stalls, there were not only greasy cars parts but also books, vintage clothing, ads, toys... and more!!!

So much things to buy at quite affordable prices but hard to pack in my small suitcase...

You can shop the first 3 days and the car show is on Saturday.

When the 50's met the 20's... a fun moment among others!

I will remember this week-end forever because of the souvenir that I bought here... too large to be packed in our luggages!

Follow my next post to know the story of my vintage car...
To be continued....

Have you ever heard about Hershey Meeting?
Do you love vintage cars?