Friday, October 7, 2011

HERSHEY: cars and chocolate....

Already one year.....

I was in Hershey, Pennsylvania, last year at the same moment. Not just for Chocolate but to see the famous vintage cars meeting.
It's known to be the bigger event for vintage cars lovers in the world since 1955!!!
It's a kind of huge flea market but just for cars.

This meeting takes place this week-end for 4 days in Hershey. I think about sharing this incredible meeting with you because I'm pictured with my husband in the french press because of this:
"L'Automobile Magazine" - october 2011
Here is a map of the site (you can be aware of the size with the stadium on the right):

It's so huge that is hard to see everything even in 4 days!!! I was quite afraid to have to look at vintage cars parts for 4 days but I wanted to please my husband who is crazy about 50's cars.
I didn't regret to be there, it was really fun!!!

The cars were amazing, never seen so much oldtimers in one place.

All people were really friendly and we met guys from everywhere in the world looking for some rare parts to restore a car. All hotels about 20 miles from Hershey were full and it was fun to see all those vintage cars parked in front of the motels, everybody talking about vintage cars in restaurants, supermarkets, fuel stations...

Moreover among hundred and hundred stalls, there were not only greasy cars parts but also books, vintage clothing, ads, toys... and more!!!

So much things to buy at quite affordable prices but hard to pack in my small suitcase...

You can shop the first 3 days and the car show is on Saturday.

When the 50's met the 20's... a fun moment among others!

I will remember this week-end forever because of the souvenir that I bought here... too large to be packed in our luggages!

Follow my next post to know the story of my vintage car...
To be continued....

Have you ever heard about Hershey Meeting?
Do you love vintage cars?


  1. I hadn't heard of this! Looks quite amazing though - it would be a good excuse to make it to Pennsylvania one day where I hear there is some awesome thrifting in the western end. And yay for your glorious car! I can't wait to read the story :)

  2. Near Lancaster and Hershey there are a lot of great places to shop: thrift shops, vintage shops and Antique Malls....

    1. I am from Lancaster PA!!!....(but now live in NJ) I am very familiar with the area! I have been to the car show before. There is great antique shops around the area...I hope you got to spend some time visiting them! If you ever come back to visit again let me know and I will gladly show you around!


    2. Oh! Shopping in Lancaster area was really amazing!!! I bought a lot of amazing clothes here and there are so much great antiques stores from Lancaster to Hershey!!!
      I hope to return to Hershey one day but not in a near future... it will be California in only one month and I hope to visit Australia next year!

  3. Vintage car shows are perfect for capturing a beautiful moment, or an elegant car. Do you know that some of these vintage cars cost a up to the millions of dollars? In fact, in 2008, a Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder was sold for $11,000,000!

    Erwin Calverley

    1. I do attend vintage car shows too. Vintage car shows remind me of my grandpa. He likes seeing his classic cars. Well, my grandpa’s a classic too, but don’t tell him that! I guess that wasn't surprising to know. Well, Erwin, that Ferrari 250 GT was sold at Gooding in Pebble Beach. It’s actually a new record for this model, you know.

    2. I agree with you, Ellsworth. Vintage car shows are the perfect time to bond with our elderly car enthusiasts. I can even imagine the owner of that Ferrari 250 GT is smiling somewhere on the road. :P