Sunday, February 24, 2013


We went to a special event last night...

We began with a good meal at a typical french brasserie...
Seing our evening outfits, you can tell that it was not a common evening!
In fact we were in Nancy, a city not so far from home.
This city is known for being the birth place of Art Nouveau.
But it's also famous for a baroque place called Stanislas Place.
This place is a World Heritage Site by Unesco.
It was built in the middle of the XVIIIth century when our region was a duchy and didn't belong to French Kingdom.
This place was wonderfully restaured some years ago and it's really breathless!!!
We were there for a Burlesque night: BURLESQUE CARAVAN!

The party was in the City Hall.

An amazing place built in 1752...

You feel like a princess when you are climbing stairs...

A few words about my outfit...

I bought this 50's dress 10 years ago during my first Rn'R weekender: Rhythm Riot.

I love my husband suit bought in Viva Las Vegas last year.
My 50's headpiece was find in an Antique mall in Cape Cod many years ago.

This Chantilly lace stole is fully silver sequined, find in a thrift store for 1 euro...

Even from french people like us, visiting this kind of place is rare!
Here is our Royal portrait....
The elegant party was organized by a friend, Mitch Tornade, a dynamic DJ from Nancy.

It begun with dance...
I had the pleasure to meet Mlle M another french retro blogger (vintage world is always so small)!

And it was show time!!! 

And look at the place where the show was done...
AMAZING, isn't it?
I'm usually not a big burlesque fan. 

Burlesque is becomming so fashionable that you can see the best but also the worst!!!

In order to not miss anything from the show,

 everybody sat down on dance floor!

Here are a few pictures of the performers...
Not easy to catch them in action! 

All costumes were just gorgeous!
Feathers and glitters everywhere!
And some scary accessories....
All those girls performances were really glamorous!

The show was for men's pleasure, of course... 

but also for ladies' one!!!!
We also enjoyed the sweet voice of Hailey Tuck.
She even sang "La vie en rose" for us!


 And it was already The End... when you like something it's always too short!!!
We just took a last look at this wonderful place under some snow flakes...

Do you like Burlesque shows?
What do you think about this Stanislas Place? 


Sunday, February 17, 2013

An endless WINTER...

I'm quite fed up with winter lately....
We have had a lot of snow compared to previous years... and apparently it's not finished!
It's fun to see how snow can bring happiness at the season's beginning and how it brings bad mood now...
So to fight this winter blues what I do is wearing colorfull clothes!
I'm also trying to enjoy that wool clothes that I will not be able to wear again in a few weeks.
These pictures was taken in a castle's park near home.
There are beautiful centenary trees...
 and some abandonned buildings.
As I already told you, I built my outfits around a piece of clothes or an accessory I want to wear.
Here it's this funny hat, I called it "the dalmatian hat"! I bought it NOS from an antique seller who is collecting vintage clothing that's really rare to find these kind of sellers here!
This hat is made of wool felt in a lovely color and this front twist give it a funny look!
Silly hats are definitively the best!!!!
You can notice my hair today, they are quite freezy... I wanted to give another chance to sponge hair rollers... First, I want to say that I didn't sleep better than with my usual rollers on and secondly I don't think the result is better! They perhaps dried a bit faster.
I bought this wool dress suit from Ebay last year, it is an example of vintage in good condition but that have been badly altered.
 I cannot wear the dress without the jacket because the bust have been shorten and I cannot wear the original belt because it was cut to fit a really smaller waist.
That's why I usually don't want to alter my own clothes and prefer to sell them, larger sizes are so hard to find so why distroying the original cut of an outfit?
I made some clothes altered but I don't think they fit properly after....
Brooches are less and less loved in our modern world but I personally love them a lot.
That's why you can also buy them for really affordable prices even if they are gorgeous!
Even my husband can wear some pins!
It's a vintage buick dealer's one.
I also want to enjoy a bit more my new coat.... 

With this cute pink purse I added a bit more color.
These shades are definitively those I perhaps love the most:
 purple, pink, raspberry...
Just a classic 50's outfit for Sylvain....
High waist pants and a vintage flecked jacket!
This tie bar was made by the ties brand Arrow, it is really stylish, isn't it?
 Do you suffer from winter blues like us?
Do you often alter vintage clothes?