Sunday, April 26, 2015

A day in SAN DIEGO...

And here are a few pictures from our US trip....

This year, we stayed in California before going to Viva.

We were planing to go to Phoenix and Tucson
but we finally couldn't make it!

In fact most of our trip was dedicated to shopping and friends!!!

We only played tourists for a few days in San Diego.

I really wanted to visit the zoo.

We were there in 1997 for our first trip together in the USA...

yes... we are that old....

I wanted to see pandas... they are SO cute!

but they seemed to tell us "Please let me eat quietly..."

But Sylvain's goal was to see his favorite animals...

The CAPYBARAS!!! The biggest rodents in the world!

But they were kind of lazy and sleepy...

The weather was so hot.

Some people told us that it has been one of the hottest March month for many years!

The zoo is really huge!

Fortunatly we can ride cable car...

that was welcomed after hours of walk under the sun!

Almost all my outfit was from last few days of shopping...

40's straw hat, 50's hawaian tea timer, 50's lucite purse...

We took a lot of pictures on that day...

quite weird because we didn't take many during this trip.

I even have not all my VLV outfits pictured!

After the zoo, we went to San Diego Old Town.

Was like going for a few hours back in time with a mexican flair!

The place was quite empty...

(probably not a vacations period)but it was even nicer!

After a good mexican restaurant with some mariacchis serenades,

we were happy to find back our bed for a good rest...

Have you ever been to SAN DIEGO ?
What do you prefer to do during your vacations ?

Et voici quelques photos de notre voyages aux US... cette année, notre trip s'est concentré sur la Californie entre les amis et des journées de shopping bien remplies! Nous avons joué un peu les touristes à San Diego pour visiter le Zoo et la vieille ville, et cela sous un soleil de plomb digne d'un mois de juillet.
- Bon début de semaine à tous -

Sunday, April 19, 2015


We are finally back from our US trip!

Fortunatly the sun came back with us...

It was like a hot summer in California,

so being able to enjoy spring after summer is quite delighful!

We came back just in time to not miss the blossoming trees.

Traveling is great but come back to home is also enjoyable!

Even if the weather seems perfect on those pictures....

it was SO windy!

As you can guess, we came back with full suitaces!

And of course, we were dying to wear our new vintage finds!

For Sylvain, these CRAZY pants!!!!

Can you believe what you are seing???

Yes... vintage 50's 2 tones slacks!

He found them at Hollywood and it was a bargain!!!

Who else can wear that kind of clothes except my clown husband?

I cannot say that I was convinced with their style...

but a lot of vintage sellers told us that they are really rare and valuable...

Original 50's golf pants!!!

What I was dying to wear was that 50's dress!

I really love that kind of 50's squaw dresses,

but its fabric is really special!

It's a novelty design with purses, gloves and umbrellas!!!

That was one of my last score at Viva Las Vegas.

The last day is really the best in the vendors rooms!

Moreover, vintage black is hard to find with no fadding,

but this dress is just in pristine condition and fit like a glove!

Sylvain also bought a few accessories

like this tie bar with the famous REDDY KILOWATT,

or this canpaign pin from the late 40's!

Even if it's a beautiful spring...

It's too early to get ride of our jackets...

so why not using a gorgeous Belle Lurette brooch
to brighten a plain one?

Are you also enjoying a beautiful spring?
What do you think of these pants: clown or dapper?

Et nous voilà de retour de notre périple américain... quel plaisir de retrouver notre beau pays sous le soleil! Après 3 semaines de temps estival en Californie, quel plaisir de profiter de cette douceur printanière sous les arbres en fleurs!
Comme vous pouvez l'imaginer, nous sommes revenus les valises pleines! Et bien sûr, nous ne rêvons que d'étrenner nos belles trouvailles. Pour Sylvain, un vêtement des plus original avec ce pantalon fin 50 de 2 couleurs.... Et pour moi, cette robe 50's avec un tissu à tomber!
- A+ -