Sunday, April 26, 2015

A day in SAN DIEGO...

And here are a few pictures from our US trip....

This year, we stayed in California before going to Viva.

We were planing to go to Phoenix and Tucson
but we finally couldn't make it!

In fact most of our trip was dedicated to shopping and friends!!!

We only played tourists for a few days in San Diego.

I really wanted to visit the zoo.

We were there in 1997 for our first trip together in the USA...

yes... we are that old....

I wanted to see pandas... they are SO cute!

but they seemed to tell us "Please let me eat quietly..."

But Sylvain's goal was to see his favorite animals...

The CAPYBARAS!!! The biggest rodents in the world!

But they were kind of lazy and sleepy...

The weather was so hot.

Some people told us that it has been one of the hottest March month for many years!

The zoo is really huge!

Fortunatly we can ride cable car...

that was welcomed after hours of walk under the sun!

Almost all my outfit was from last few days of shopping...

40's straw hat, 50's hawaian tea timer, 50's lucite purse...

We took a lot of pictures on that day...

quite weird because we didn't take many during this trip.

I even have not all my VLV outfits pictured!

After the zoo, we went to San Diego Old Town.

Was like going for a few hours back in time with a mexican flair!

The place was quite empty...

(probably not a vacations period)but it was even nicer!

After a good mexican restaurant with some mariacchis serenades,

we were happy to find back our bed for a good rest...

Have you ever been to SAN DIEGO ?
What do you prefer to do during your vacations ?

Et voici quelques photos de notre voyages aux US... cette année, notre trip s'est concentré sur la Californie entre les amis et des journées de shopping bien remplies! Nous avons joué un peu les touristes à San Diego pour visiter le Zoo et la vieille ville, et cela sous un soleil de plomb digne d'un mois de juillet.
- Bon début de semaine à tous -


  1. Oh your pictures are so precious!! I love your outfit, Laurence! And in fact, I live here in San Diego, and it was indeed one of the hottest Marches we've encountered.
    As for vacations, I usually stay here in my lovely city. I'll occasionally go to Coronado and relax at the beach of the Hotel Del, or even just to Balboa park and go to a museum.

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts

  2. Your outfit is adorable. You and Sylvain look nice and fresh in your photos even though it was so hot.

    Oh, I didn't know lions could spray like that! How horrible it would be to get sprayed by a lion.

    I never knew an animal such as the capybara existed till I saw several of them at a zoo years and years ago. I thought they were giant guinea pigs at first. They really freaked me out.

  3. This looks like quite an enjoyable day. I love going to zoos and looking at all of the animals. It's so fun! I enjoy being relaxed and not having a crazy schedule on vacation. Doing everything and taking photos of all of your outfits is nice but it can make vacation not very relaxing.

  4. Loved seeing pictures of your trip. San Diego is my hometown, born and raised. I do miss the sunshine sometimes, but not the heat, lol.

    My first job was at the zoo, I worked there in 1997 even. Maybe we crossed paths? Not such a big world after all.

  5. Such colourful pictures! Truly beautiful. Looks like you had a great time.

  6. As usual, you both look like you stepped out of a very beautiful picture of the past! I lived in San Diego for a few years...right across from Balboa Park in an historic apartment building painted pink! I hope you had a margarita!

  7. As usual, you both look like you stepped out of a very beautiful picture of the past! I lived in San Diego for a few years...right across from Balboa Park in an historic apartment building painted pink! I hope you had a margarita!

  8. I am just a bit envious. :) You both look lovely as always.

  9. Wonderful pictures! - I ver never been to San Diego and even this summer we won't make it there ... sadly ... My boss is in San Diego this week visiting our partner company ... I'm taking care about the office and the office plants! ;)

  10. Zoos are one of the first places I like to visit in big cities, too, especially since we don't have a great deal of them here in Canada. You guys both look fabulous, as always. Isn't it fun to sport items of clothing on your trip that you picked up along the way? I did that with both the sweater and the brooch I wore when we went whale watching in Victoria last year.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. I love these photos! And your outfits are marvelous! Perfect for a sunny California getaway!

    I adore San Diego, even though I've only been once. The Old Town is great!


  12. Hello Sylvain and Laurence,
    Yes, it was unseasonably hot in March!! You both look adorable in your outfits and the zoo is always a lot of fun. Did you do any vintage shopping in San Diego? They have some terrific stores.
    My husband and I usually stay in La Jolla, not far from San's a bit less crowded and relaxing. Usually, vacations for us entail sightseeing, shopping, and eating at amazing restaurants. Shopping includes vintage boutiques and bringing treasures home as keepsakes from our trip. I have several from my trip to Paris a few years ago.
    Laurence, I contacted Belle Lurette via Facebook and they replied back. Thanks for the info.
    XOXO LisaO

  13. Oh la chance j'espère que vous avez bien profiter !
    Je vous souhaite plein de bonnes choses , ça fait un petit bout de temps que je n'étais pas passé sur le blog (la nouvelle vie me prend du temps eh oui ! haha) mais ravie de voir que vous vous envolez toujours pr les states à ce moment de l'année ;)