Friday, August 30, 2013

2nd Blog ANNIVERSARY!!!!

Already 2 years....

I will share in this post some of my favorite outfits or pictures of last year... Just click on tittles for a link to the original post!
I really need some feedbacks from you... I must tell you that last month I thought about to give up this blog... so much time to write posts and take pictures...
I loved to choose those pictures and run through past posts, that's like my diary... I will perhaps post less in the next few months... but I decided not to give up... I must find a new motivation...

























Madine 2013



Which budget for a vintage wardrobe?

DAISIES for summer...

DRIVING the bride....

So tell me which post did you like the most ?
What would you like to see more on this blog ?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

VACATIONS in VINTAGE : what/how to pack? PART II

So here are my tips to pack accessories when you travel!

So let see what kind of accessories you will have to pack....
- shoes
- belts
- purses
- jewels
- hats
- hair accessories
- umbrellas
- glasses

A lot of things to think about and I will not speak about undergarments :-)

So one more time, I will not plan my accessories the same way if I travel by plane.... for example, I don't take hats with me when I travel by plane, too fragile!

First shoes, try to avoid heels as much as possible they will stay unworn in your luggages! I don't bring fancy shoes with me but 2 or 3 pairs of basic sandals or wedges that will be comfy and will match all outfits!

When I choose clothes, I try to minimized colors, so I can use same belt, purse or shoes for several outfits. That's a good tip if you don't want to end with 10 suitcases!!!

I usually don't pack more than 2 or 3 purses. I use them as jewelery boxes to protect my jewels!

I don't wear a lot of necklaces when weather is hot so I pack bracelets and earrings.

I choose one set for each outfit I planned, or some can even go with several ones!

Use kleenex or coton to protect them because you will easy damaged fragile ones if you put them in a box without protection! I was sad to have damaged some vintage Coro earrings several years ago.

I try to pack just a few hats and choose the more easy to carry like bérets for example. Hats take a lot of place if you want to keep them safe....

That's why I also pack with me some nice hair accessories that are easy to pack like snoods and flowers.... I often pack silk flowers in one of the purse I have in my luggages!

I usually pack just one vintage umbrella that will match everything!

Vintage umbrellas are not easy because they cannot be put in a purse, they are quite long. But most of the time you can separe it in 2 parts, you have just to unscrew the handdle! I roll them in several sturdy plastic bags with tape because I don't want them to make holes in my dresses!!! 

For glasses, I usually pack 2 sun ones and one with prescription lenses.

I choose one pair of sunglasses to match 50's style and one that can match a more 40's style.

 I forgot to speak about that... it's more easy to match everything if you choose only one era... but I wear 40's and 50's clothes, so it's a big problem when it comes to accessories, you must choose stuff that match both decades!

Preparing a travel is really hard for me because I cannot bring with me as much as I want to...

For example, I would have prefered a gold purse with this outfit and a large hat....

But you have to make cannot bring all your wardrobe!!!

It's even harder for me that always want to match things perfectly. Moreover, I don't like to build an outfit early, I usually only pick dress and each accessories while looking at my dressing room just in the morning...

Do you like to pack luggages ?
What kind of clothes do you wear on vacations ?