Monday, August 19, 2013

DRIVING the bride....

A couple of weeks ago we went to a friend's wedding....

Summer is always THE season for weddings ....

Every bride hopes for sun for such a day!

And that day was a beautiful sunny one!!!

Sylvain was the bride's driver...

Even if he lately tends to drive more his '58 Continental Convertible ....
He also cannot forget his first vintage car!
He received it as a present from his parents when he was 19 years old....
and what an AMAZING present!!!
That was nice bucolic wedding....

What a nice living room!!!!

Such a good idea that vintage sofa outside!!!!

All guests could use it for some pictures...

That was in the South East of Belgium....

Did you know that this part of Belgium speak german as mother language?

I chose to wear this vintage 50's purple set.
I was not sure of how many times I would be able to wear this purse when I bought it in L.A. ...
I'm quite surprised to have used it a lot last months despite its unusual color....
A large hat is a must have for a wedding, isn't it? 

Weather was too hot....
Sylvain didn't wear the jacket of his 50's suit...
That the suit he wore for our own wedding! 

Without jacket, you can better see his 40's tie! 

All landscapes were really nice.

The bride and the groom enjoyed our Cadillac a lot! 

I must share with you a picture of the bride's bouquet....
My favorite colors!!!

That was a unforgettable day!

Did you have a vintage car for your wedding ?
Did you attend some nice wedding this year ?


  1. How fun! My husband and I do wedding photography so we've been to loads of weddings this year. No vintage ones yet though.

  2. How immensely lovely! I adore pastels for summer weddings - whether to wear and/or as part of the couple's colour palette. There's just something so inherently sweet and romantic about the softer side of the colour spectrum.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. OMG you both look as perfect as always... we joined a gay weeding last weekend, but nobody was wearing such a great tie pin as Sylvain did! xxx

  4. Superbes photos! J'espère moi aussi que Sylvain conduira ma future femme un jour. Et je crois que je resterai fidèle à cette (sublime) Cad 59 - à moins bien sûr que vous n'ayez acheté une 53 décapotable d'ici là!
    Bises à tous les deux

  5. What a gorgeous setting, the wedding must've been simply perfect! Absolutely adore your ensemble, perfect lavender hues. And that box purse! I probably would've done the same thing - questioned the color & bought it anyways;) Such a treasure.

    xo Sara

  6. What a beautiful place for a wedding! And such a fun idea to put the couch outside. Got to remember that :)

  7. What a beautiful setting, and what a STUNNING car!!!!!!!!

  8. What a lovely, lovely wedding! And you look stunning as always! I am dying over your purse... gorgeous!!

  9. you always have beautiful photos but this post is my fav post ever. the pictures are so beautiful, colourful and fun. the car is absolutely stunning.
    ... the purple dress with the big hats looks gorgeous on you and your mans suit and tie are to die for.

  10. Quelle bonne idée le canapé pur les photos!
    Vous êtes toujours aussi élégants =) ce devait être une belle journée!