Sunday, February 7, 2016

French ART NOUVEAU....

We had yesterday a lovely day!

The weather was supposed to be nice

so we planned a day trip in the city of Nancy.

They didn't lie, sun was bright...

despite a bit of wind it was like the first day of spring!

The first flowers are already out... so early!

We went to a few thrift stores...

and came back with the trunk full of goodies!

After a good restaurant,
we went sightseeing in this beautiful city.

It is well known for 2 major things:

 its main place and its Art Nouveau architecture!

This beautiful place is called Stanislas place.

It was built in the mid XYIIIth century for the Duke of Lorraine Stanislas.

It was freshly restored....

Bright gold everywhere!!!

It was a bit too early to leave without a coat...

but not too early for soft spring colors!

Did you see my lovely new brooch from Erstwilder?

This cute pastel dino brought joy to my coat!

The light was so bright on that day that pictures was even overexposed...

And under the coat.... spiders invasion!

You can find those cuties (never thought I will use that word for... spiders...) in Luxulite shop.

On that busy day, 
we also reserved a visit to see the Majorelle Villa.

This house is a real testimony of Art Nouveau.

This european style was popular in the late XIXth, early XXth century.

Inspired by nature it was really innovative.

But when art déco arrived in the 20's...

this style became quickly unfashionnable and even laughed at.

A lot of buildings were unfortunatly demolished...

This villa was built for Louis Majorelle in 1901.

He was an Art Nouveau artist, he mainly created furnitures and ironwork.

Here is how looked the inside of his house back then.

The house was not demolished because it was converted in offices in the 30's...

A lot of the original decors dissapeared...

Can you believe that this amazing house only became an historical building in 1996?

It used to be a huge garden around the house but it's now built everywhere around...

But the value of this treasure is now known by everybody...

The restoration have started a few years ago...

They will bring the interior back in time like in was at the "Belle Epoque".

Here is the living room now... did you notice that crazy fireplace????

I also tried a new hairstyle on that day.... 

a bit messy at the end of this windy day, but I loved it!

Have you ever heard about Nancy ?
Do you like Art Nouveau ?

On nous avait annoncé une journée superbe... belle excuse pour une escapade vers la jolie ville de Nancy! Au programme quelques Emmaus et trocs (avec un coffre bien rempli au retour) et un peu de tourisme! 2 choses incontournables dans cette ville: sa place Stanislas et son témoignage Art Nouveau! La place Stan' fraîchement restaurée brillait de tous ces feux sous ce soleil quasi printanier si bienvenu! Nous avions ensuite réservé une visite guidée de la Villa Majorelle, un des plus beaux vestiges de la Belle Epoque de la Ville. Construite en 1901 pour l'artiste Louis Majorelle, surtout connu pour ces meubles et ferronneries d'art, la villa a survécu bonnant malant jusqu'à nous, contrairement à de nombreux bâtiments art nouveau démolis après que ce style soit tombé en désamour. Transformée en bureaux dans les années 20, elle a subi bon nombre de modifications pas toujours très esthétiques... difficile de croire que cette incroyable maison a dû attendre 1996 pour être classée au patrimoine national... de bureaux disgracieux occupent toujours une partie des locaux... mais dans un mois une restauration globale va commencer... sa valeur historique n'est désormais plus à prouver et elle va vite retrouver de superbe!
- Bon dimanche -