Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A casual sunday...

As I have already told you in one of my previous post, I don't wear pants a lot.

But sometimes nothing can compared to comfy pants!

Same for my husband, he quite never wear jeans and I think he only have 2 pairs...

So if you want to look stylish even in pants, you must choose the perfect accessories!

A cute brooch, a girly blouse(that I remember buying in a vintage store in Manhattan about 10 years ago) are a mustin order to not look boyish!

This sweater and these belt were simply thrift!

Some bakelite bangles, all found in flea market for a few euros because I don't want to spend a fortune on these kind of bracelets.... I cannot understand people who can buy a "plastic" bracelet hundreds dollars ...

So what else for a good style while wearing pants?
A 49er Pendelton jacket of couse!!!!

I chose all my outfit thinking to wear this scarf with red and yellow roses found a few weeks ago in a flea market....

I didn't wear a turban hair style for a long time and it's quite hard to associate so much colors (white, yellow, red, black and gray) so I was pretty happy to see how it turned.

Black and white shoes and purse from Ebay ... and I forgot the pants from Freddies of Pinewood!

Let's speak a bit more about our male top model... :-)

He was wearing an University Jacket from the late 50's, those kind of campus clothes are easy to date due to patches on them.... here '58 and '59!

This jeans is a french repro from PARADIRAMA.

I definitively love red even on him!!!! What a nice 50's pullover....

Are you more pants/jeans or dresses/skirts ?
Will you be interested with one of my turban tutorial ?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

First shopping for Xmas....

It's now sure... we have never been so close to next Xmas.....

So it's official, Christmas shopping can start...

When I'm in a Xmas mood, you can see it on my outfit...

One of my favorite winter coat, heavy and warm!

This 50's dress is one of my recent purchase.

You can see here our new friend for Xmas... it will be add at the bottom of the tree when I will decorate it!!!

It's now the end of fall, all leaves are on the ground....

This wool dress is another example of my love for plaid fabrics.

And LOVE red!!!!

My ERSTWILDER rabbit is still there... it is so CUTE!

I have many and many accessories but when I love some I can wear them again and again and never been bored... like this AMAZING purse!

It's not a cold weather that could stop Sylvain to drive is convertible!

He is always elegant, my man....

Wearing ties most of the time!

Some details of his outfit :

Have a good trip, guy!

Even his Lincoln is in a Christmas mood...

We are now waiting for snow, will we have a white Christmas ?

Have your Xmas shopping already started ?
When are you planning to decorate your Christmas tree ?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A WOOL DRESS for a cold flea market....

First I would like to mention that
 LOST IN THE 50's is now on FACEBOOK.
You can find my page THERE for more pictures and news!
Thanks to "like" it and share....

This saturday, we were out to go to a nice flea market....

It was an indoor one.

We saw a lot of nice things but didn't buy so much. Prices were quite high.

But Sylvain had a good deal for these NOS boots. They are probably from the first half of the XXth century all handmade!!!!

Look at this Arlequin!

I only bought a 30's pair of gloves....

But they are so AMAZING, you will be probably jealous when I will wear them in a upcoming post....

And let's speak a bit more about our outfits...

I'm lately trying to hunt for more wool dresses in order to increase my winter wardrobe.

And I was lucky enough to find some great wool dresses and suits from Ebay and Etsy, they are so hard to find in good condition!!! Moths loved them so much....

It's strange but for men's vintage clothes, it's not the same. It's easier to find heavy wool clothes than light gabardine....

I have just received this 40's dress a few days ago and I fell in love!!!!

What a bright sweater for Sylvain... it's soon Xmas!

Another hard thing to find is vintage boots in my size... I only have 2 pairs, both from the 40's... Here is a pair, black suede with cream fur inside... Cute but impossible to wear with rain or snow!

I love plaid for every seasons but it's especially true for winter!

Sylvain's wardrobe is full of these flecked wool jackets from the 50's.

One more time, I try to match all my accessories with my dress... 50cts for this beauty!!!

My hat is a 40's velvet beret found in a local flea market.

Do you have a large winter wardrobe?
What do you like to wear for cold weather?