Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A casual sunday...

As I have already told you in one of my previous post, I don't wear pants a lot.

But sometimes nothing can compared to comfy pants!

Same for my husband, he quite never wear jeans and I think he only have 2 pairs...

So if you want to look stylish even in pants, you must choose the perfect accessories!

A cute brooch, a girly blouse(that I remember buying in a vintage store in Manhattan about 10 years ago) are a mustin order to not look boyish!

This sweater and these belt were simply thrift!

Some bakelite bangles, all found in flea market for a few euros because I don't want to spend a fortune on these kind of bracelets.... I cannot understand people who can buy a "plastic" bracelet hundreds dollars ...

So what else for a good style while wearing pants?
A 49er Pendelton jacket of couse!!!!

I chose all my outfit thinking to wear this scarf with red and yellow roses found a few weeks ago in a flea market....

I didn't wear a turban hair style for a long time and it's quite hard to associate so much colors (white, yellow, red, black and gray) so I was pretty happy to see how it turned.

Black and white shoes and purse from Ebay ... and I forgot the pants from Freddies of Pinewood!

Let's speak a bit more about our male top model... :-)

He was wearing an University Jacket from the late 50's, those kind of campus clothes are easy to date due to patches on them.... here '58 and '59!

This jeans is a french repro from PARADIRAMA.

I definitively love red even on him!!!! What a nice 50's pullover....

Are you more pants/jeans or dresses/skirts ?
Will you be interested with one of my turban tutorial ?


  1. I love this look on you! Soooooo cute! I definitely have blouse-envy... all the details and colours are so pretty, c'est magnifique! :)

  2. I love your jacket !! And the mocassins !! So stylish !! I really love the "casual" 50s style, sporty but chic !

  3. You both just look darling, I love the varsity jacket your husband has.

  4. What a great outfit. I love that sweater and the way you wear the poodle brooch with it. Great use of colours.

  5. I'd love to see a turban tutorial, I just can never can get it right so I rarely try that style.

    I adore this outfit, the yellow cropped sweater is perfect with the pants and the 49er! Those are my favorite light jackets (well, light for here). I go in phases of wearing more pants or more skirts/dresses, right now I haven't been wearing pants out much but I usually wear repro jeans when I'm home being casual. :)

  6. Sooooo fantastically cute, cozy and stylish! Love both your outfits, and can relate to the fact that you don't wear pants all that often (as I rarely do either - I think it's been two months or more since the last time I did). My husband isn't a jeans guy usually either, and I think he has even fewer pairs than your dapper chap does (I believe there's one pair of blue jeans wayyyy at the back of Tony's closet and that's it; usually he wears dress pants or Dockers type pants).

    ♥ Jessica

  7. My, you both look fabulous!! You make pants look downright stylish!!

    I don't wear pants too much either. But it's funny, I often end up putting much more effort into my outfits when I wear pants, because I feel the need to accessorize like crazy to keep 'em from being too boring!! ;)

  8. Oh, I just love the vintage casual look! It's so overlooked! Those pants are just marvelous!! And you really can't go wrong with a 49'er!


  9. Gorgeous outfit!!! which model of Freddies are your pants.


  10. good ladies pants are hard to find. especially for me (waist 70 cm / hips 101): no pants fit me right. even those two 50s style pairs of pants i own and that fit on the hips and waist at the same time, i have other issues with. those are a little too short. ;)
    your pants look awesome on you.

  11. Omg you both look amazing! I love all the girliness you added your outfit! I will be purchasing a pair of freddies jeans soon so I cannot wait to experiment with the look of jeans!!! I also love the blouse! What a gorgeous find! Beautiful post! xox

  12. Both of you are the cutest vintage couple ever!! I love how well you both complement each other. Hope you can follow the husband and I too. You are a great inspiration.
    I am in love with your casual looks.


  13. Very cute- you are terrific at putting together outfits. I especially love the top and would love to find one like it.

  14. I LOVE your cardigan, the light yellow suis you so wonderfully! And Sylvains university jacke is a cool thing too. I have a big thing for yellow.
    I can´t decide whether I prefer dresses or pants, it depends on my mood I guess.

  15. Wow it's perfection :-) I can only hope to become as stylish as you. Love the accessories and I can really se how they completes the outfit.