Sunday, December 2, 2012


It's now december, first snow was here today...

It's time to decorate our home sweet home for Xmas!

Yeah! All our kitchy goodies are out....
But our tree is a bit too small... what to do?
The solution must be in our garage...
Our Buick spare tire... just PERFECT...!!! :-)

Now we must begin with the lamps...
Fortunatly, Sylvain is there to repair non working ones!
We have just bought those vintage style flowers lamps.
 Nice, aren't they?

We own many vintage Xmas lamps from the 30's-50's...
 but only some can work properly and they heat a lot, so I'm always fearing that they could bring fire at home....
Our Xmas tree is a fake one, I like to decorate it early, so if it was real, we would have a nude tree at Xmas Eve....
Sylvain brought his NOS vintage slippers to the tree, probably to have more treats in them...
What a better outfit than pajama to decorate the tree?

This one is vintage New Old Stock from the 50's.

After lights, let's put all ornements on!
Some are vintage, some are souvenirs from different places we were.
Soon finished, only missing the top star...
I love the result, really different from last year with quite the same ornements...
A bed outfit also for my husband....
But who is it on this Xmas sock?
A cute vintage bunny!!!!
I love Sylvain's robe pattern!
I would say... ATOMIC!!!
Mine is chineese inspired. 

All satin made with embroderies. Really comfy!
Look at the foot of our tree, who will guess what is under this silver vintage fabric?

I like classic Christmas Tree with green, red and gold.
Look at the top... Do you see this small pink pig?
We call him the King of our Xmas tree... it has been its place since the very first Xmas tree Sylvain and I decorated together...
A kind of tradition that can bring luck to our home!
We cannot miss it now, our Xmas tree has a central place in home!

Do you like our Xmas tree?
Have you already decorated yours?





  1. I always enjoy your posts~ I'm a new follower! The tree is great~ but have to say I'm very excited to see your Scarlett and Rhett prints in the background!

  2. Oh my! What a wonderful post! It is just perfect for the Christmas season! Your home is just so cozy and inviting and lovely! I kept thinking as I looked through the photos how my children would be grabbing all those pretty things you have esp the ornaments. I do miss have pretty stuff out hehehe We have a gate around the tree to keep the littlest bunny out from it. I just really loved your day-exactly what the season is all about!!! xox

  3. I love the thought, time and attention to detail that you put into your posts and that you both put into your fantastic vintage outfits. It's so sweetly charming that you decorated for Christmas in your pj's - come to think of it, so did I this year, but there were no pictures involved. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous holiday decor with us.

    Happiest December wishes!!!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Wow!!! Have no other words for your dazzling decoration!

  5. You have such a beautiful home, and the tree is just perfect! I am feeling very festive after reading this! :)

  6. Such a beautiful tree, capturing the true spirit of a 1950's Christmas!! Just lovely that you share your traditions with us. Thankyou!! naxx

  7. I love your xmas tree. The tire under the tree is something My Husband and I have tried in the past too. This post made me smile. It is also nice to get to see your home from the inside. It is very nicely decorated. I love it. And the pig, Oh my the cutest family tradition ever!!!

  8. Your tree is beautiful and you both look straight out of a vintage movie, only in technicolor! I love that pic of you looking up at the tree. Looks like a still from an old Christmas movie. The pajama outfits complete with slippers are wonderful. The only thing you both need is a vintage drink in your hand with vintage glasses - toasting to the beauty of your tree!!!
    Hugs, Sandie

  9. I have never seen vintage flower lights. How unqiue and beautiful. If I were to have a tree this year, I would love to decorate it with a similar light set.

    And as always, you both are divinely stylish.


  10. I have the cotton seersucker equivalent to your pajamas I think! They aren't as Chinese-inspired but the print has that feeling. I'll have to photograph them sometime, I picked them up at a vintage market.

    Love your tree and decorations, and you two look so cute putting up the tree. We don't put up a tree on years we fly to my mom's for Christmas (because of our cat), so we'll have to wait until next year to buy a big new tree for the new house!

  11. Oh, how absolutely delightful!! I especially love your Chip and Dale ornament! I adore your lounging outfits as well!!


  12. Such a fun post! And what a fun idea with the spare tire. :)

  13. You look so cute and I love your tree! Could I come and celebrate Christmas with you? :)

  14. Both the tree and certainly the both of you look smashing. Your wardrobe is just fabulous!