Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ORANGE dilemna....

I always had problems with orange....

It's probably the color that I hate the most....
But Why????
Probably because it makes me think about the 70's...
So except for some costume jewelery, I had never bought any vintage clothes with orange....
So everything has a beginning... I present here to you my first ever orange dress!
It's a vintage wool dress from the 50's,
just found a few weeks ago on Ebay.
It's so hard to find wool dresses in good condition that I decided to give it a try....
What I liked the most on this dress is this matching scarf that you can wear as you like.
Plaid is really a best for winter!
This vintage hat made of velvet and mink is one of the first I ever thrift many years ago!
It's so cold lately, it's harder to be stylish with layers and layers of clothes....
But Sylvain is sure stylish even with a freezing weather!
Classic 50's heavy wool coat...

and a nice flecked suit underneath!
 He also chose some orange highlights!
It's also fun to look at men's jewels.... Look at the sword!
What fun french cufflinks!!!! 
But you must thought that's a little bit too elegant for an every day look...
Yes and no....
 We could have chose those outfits for some outdoor shopping...

We were in fact invited to a Xmas drink in a vintage design furniture shop.
We also visited some thrift stores... 
We saw many nice things, but prices were high and their conditions were not the best....

Moreover, we don't have many places left at home...
We also enjoyed Christmas markets....
What do you think of orange?
Do you like winter time?


  1. I really hate orange! But your dress looks great. In this combination I would wear orange, too.

  2. I had an orange floral bedroom when I was a young girl (in the 70s) - perhaps that is why I don't orange very much as well. Actually, I think it doesn't look too great on me. But, you look lovely! Wish I was shopping with you! Joyeaux Noel!

  3. Ooo, I love the color orange. It's one of my all time fave colors. You look fabulous in orange!

    The Fictionista

  4. I love orange! Actually there aren't too many colors that I don't like. Sylvain's tie is awesome and you look great!

  5. You look very cute in orange :) Its a lovely dress!

  6. Being a blond you definitely look great in orange. Your boots are super cute, too, I've started wearing my more now too.

  7. Love your outfit - esp. the orange ruffled slip!

    Found you through Retro Fashion is my Passion.

    Come and join me on my Countdown to Kitschmas.

  8. Orange is a wonderful hair color and looks amazing in nature, but can be hard to pull off in clothing. You found the perfect balance and look fantastic! A flawless outfit. I especially love your boots and hat!!

  9. Wow wow wow I can't get over your outfit, just flawless, perfect, impeccable... I'm running out of superlatives but you get the picture! Heck, you are RUNNING the picture!

    Ruby xx

  10. One would never know that you and the colour orange had experienced a troubled past before, as this dress looks knock-your-socks-off spectacular on. The warm orange is a beautiful compliment to your soft blonde locks, and looks a million miles away from anything 70s-ish in the least. Wonderful styling on this outfit. I often tuck my (small number of) orange pieces away once fall disappears, but you've got me thinking I'll keep them into rotation now until spring rolls around.

    ♥ Jessica

  11. What a pretty dress--orange suits your coloring very well!

    I have to say that orange has never been one of my favorite colors, but in recent years I've warmed up to the shade as well :-)

  12. No, orange is not one of my favs, even though it really is a retro color. I prefer pinks, red, aqua, turquoise, and good 'ol black!! You new dress is really cute, and of course, you always accessorize perfectly, so everything looks wonderful on you! And Sylvain looks just as dashing as ever, especially the picture of him reflected in the mirror with his martini glass! The outdoor shots are really nice, too. Enjoyed everything as usual!!!!

  13. It's a lovely outfit. I think that orange in fall hues is great. I have trouble with bright orange or yellow since they do not look right with my coloring. I love how your husband's tie goes so well with your outfit!

  14. J'adore ta nouvelle robe! The brown and black soften the orange really nicely. Trés chic!

  15. As much as I hate orange (orange apparently was a cheap colour so it was widely used in the GDR, even in the 80s when everyone else was sick of orange.) you look flawless as always :)

  16. I LOVE wearing orange, but I know what you mean - it can look very seventies! I just try and combine it with a really really fifties/sixties shape, so you couldn't mistake it for anything seventies!



  17. This dress is adorable! I don't think many can pull off orange, but it suits you very well.

  18. As always you both look smashing! I think you acrry this orange of beautifully, although I would call this shade more amber, vermillion or rust...I think the black cuts through all the heaviness of the orange and makes it sing.I too hate 1970's orange as it reminds me of bad house interiors and orange vinyl chairs...eeeeckkk! xx Shauna

  19. oh dear, orange looks great on you. i remeber your comment on my orange dress ... and it's so fun to see that you gave your most hated colour a try (so fast). your winter dress is totally adorable.
    soon i will do a post about 40s/50s fashion and winter shoes, would you mind, if i lend some photos from your blog. i really like the way how you mix lovely shoes with your dresses and skirts. of course i will link them to your blog!!!!

    1. Of course, no problem, blog pictures are made to be shared!

  20. orange is my mom's favorite color....but I never understood why. She loves sunsets! I LOVE your boots and the ruffles. Fun to go shopping all dressed up, too.

  21. hello, my little post about vintage foot wear is out. i lend two of your pictures as i told you before ... everything is linked back to your amazing blog.
    thank you so much, dear laurence!
    wardrobe experience