Monday, December 10, 2012

Let it SNOW....

After a post with autumnal colors, here is a full winter post....

Weather was becoming colder and colder, but it's the first real snow of the year!
It's pretty rare to have snow nowadays in our area, perhaps twice in a year...
It's such a pleasure to see white landscapes everywhere!!!
Sylvain even chose to go out with his vintage skis....
We think they are from the 50's, made in Finland!
But what to wear for this white day???
We chose austrian looks, perfect for snow!!!
Here is my full outfit: gray, black, white, green and red!
My husband's pullover is quite amazing and look at those gloves!!!
The wool set I'm wearing was NOS from the 50's, made in Germany.
My friend Sylvie (from 365 days vintage) bought it for me in Oregon last April.
This set is full embroidered... and this cute purse is a new purchase!
This sweater is from the 40's handmade with wood beads!!!
Snow makes you go back to childhood...
with some silly games!!!
That's why it's more practical with rubber boots...
Some sport???
Wearing heavy wool slacks is essential!

 I'm not a huge ski fan, I prefer to simply walk in snow... 

You will ask me "But where are those amazing landscapes?".
Beautiful french Alps? No,just a few meters from home!!!
A few words about my hairstyle...
This amazing mink headpiece is vintage from the 40's-50's.

 I like to wear some fur for snowy weather, that's why I chose a matching mink brooch!
What a nice day we had...
unfortunatly this beautiful snow has almost completely disapeared...
(Last 2 pictures from my brother-in-law Alex)

Do you like snow?
Have you got your first snow this year?



  1. I absolutely adore your skirt as well as your husband’s pullover.

    I would have never known that your mink headpiece was a brooch. I thought it was a fascinator. What a lovely accessory.

    I personally love the snow and it snowed in Denver for the first time back in October!


  2. We've not had any snow yet. :( It's been cold and grey and rainy. I love your head piece though! I have a few fur pieces that I can't wait to wear this winter season!

  3. You two are quite the couple:) I love seeing your captured vintage moments. Lovely images of your snow filled adventure. Your outfit is beautiful.

  4. You two are so cute and inspiring! No, we have not had our first snow here yet. Most unusually warm weather for Missouri. We're dreaming of a white Christmas!

  5. You two look like you have come out of a 1950's magazine! You are both so fabulous!!!! xox

  6. Jaw-droppingly amazing outfits, you two. Seriously, I can't even begin to tell you how much I love both of your winter ensembles, and know that I'll be garnering inspiration from them all season long.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. J'adore le pull de ton homme, il est vraiment très sympa. En Bretagne, la neige se fait rare aux grands regrets de mes filles qui n’attendent que ça. Les peu de fois où elle est tombée c'était un véritable moment de joie, et la paysage était vrai changé, trop beau.

  8. I love love loooooooooove your outfits! That wool two-piece set is stunning, and perfect for winter! I also love the mink details - I bought a mink brooch online a couple of days ago and am eagerly waiting for it to arrive! Super cute snowy pictures...I just hope we don't get any snow here in London!!! :)

  9. Vous avez vraiment un dressing de malade ! Je suis jalouse !!!!

  10. Wow those vintage skis, and FINNISH! So cool!! :D
    I adore your skirt very much, you both look fantastic!

  11. Okay you two are too adorable!!! Both of those outfits are incredibly marvelous!


  12. OH, you two just look so classic, like a Norman Rockwell, Coca Cola add.

  13. Nice to see you wearing this set! It really fits well.
    I am happy I bought it and even more when I know that the shop in Eugene suffered damage following a fire in the same building.
    We have had snow for two weeks now and temperatures between -15 and - 2 C...

  14. You two are so ADORABLE!! You were made for each other!!
    These photos are BEAUTIFUL - you look like you are in the
    1930's. Your blog is wonderful...HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  15. I just love your skirt at matching shawl. You look amazing, but so does your hubby, his sweater is lovely.

  16. this skirt and matching shawl are fabulous ... the perfect winter look.

  17. I love the shawl/skirt combo!

  18. I can't quite believe how wonderful that skirt and shawl are! what an amazing find!

  19. I love both our your outfits. I would love to see some real snow one day!
    x Molly

  20. HELLO! Your blog has me buzzing with inspiration! Snowy fields + 100% vintage, what more could one ask for. I love your entire outfit, especially the snood. I haven't worn mine in ages! I wished it snowed in Australia, not only on some mountain tops.