Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Saturday was a special day.... 

It was my husband's birthday!!!

So we could not just stay at home...

A 40's look for a special evening...
The dress that I'm wearing here is quite incredible...

Red, black and green with asian inspired design...

Made of rayon, perfect condition for only $40!!!!

I will wear it again during holidays season and will share some colorfull pictures....

As it was "his" day, I let him work on this evening's pictures as he wished...

He chose these old style pictures to share his birthday party...
We spent a few hours with friends at an american style diner!
We tend to less go out to see friends in Winter... weather is cold, dark comes early in the evening... we must fight ourselves to not stay cosy at home...
But it's always fun to share a meal together!
The Gormandizers are always ready for a huge burger!!!
Caught while adding some more lipstick...

I bought this 40's hat in a thrift store many years ago..
it was in really poor condition, I reshaped it and added this velvet ribbon, nice isn't it?

Cannot resist to the call of MILKSHAKES!!!!

 It's always worth to leave your sofa and TV for a good chat with friends!!!

Are you also more lazy in winter time?
What do you think about this old style pictures?


  1. Lovely pictures ^.^ We're the same -- find it very hard to leave the comfort of a warm home and out into the cold outdoors! Especially when wearing a dress ;-)

  2. Looks like so much fun:) A nice way to celebrate a birthday:)


  3. Happiest birthday wishes to your husband! It looks like you guys had an awesome (and very yummy!) celebration.

    ♥ Jessica


    Love the bow that you added to that thrifted hat, it truly breathed a beautiful new life into it.

  4. I wish I could blame it on the season but I am lazy all year long! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYLVAIN!!!

  5. Looks like a fabulous diner, you both look gorgeous. Yeah me and my boy don't tend to venture out much in the dark miserable weather! xx

  6. Bon anniversaire Sylvain (un tout petit peu en retard).

  7. MMmmmmmmm, milkshakes! Looks like a fun night - I have to agree that we also find it harder to motivate ourselves to go out in the winter! I hope Sylvain had an excellent birthday! :)

  8. Just discovered your blog via Just Another Wardrobe experience... I'm hooked! Your fashions are amazing. This looks like a very fun and stylish night out.

  9. Winter makes me want to hibernate at home...with lots of tea, good DVD's and sew. Your hat is fabo, you would never know that it was less than perfect, the bow covers it up beautifully...I especially love the detailing to the front.
    The diner looks like a great place for a birthday dinner, and you all look like you had a great night. xx Shauna

  10. i can't wait to see this dress in colour .... happy belated birthday to your husband and for now: merry christmas to you both.

    -ha, great to see that lovely the grande dame found you while reading my winter shoe post- :)