Friday, December 28, 2012

A french NOEL.....

Here in North East of France, we usually open our Xmas presents in Xmas Eve and we usually share a meal with familly on Xmas day and even the 26th of December because it's also a free day here... (I know we are lucky...)

This year we spent Xmas day at my parents' place.
Here is my outfit for this special day...
and Sylvain's one.
I received this sweater a few day ago from Ebay... hand made in the 50's!
I got it thanks to a group I created on Facebook "Vintage Hunters" where vintage lovers share good bargains on Ebay and Etsy!
I love when my husband is wearing those short Ike's jackets, this red one comes from Viva Las Vegas a few years ago.
So stylish!
This wonderful brooch is in fact 2 hair clips....
I customized my purse with some Xmas ornements...
Sylvain really loves to wear these 40's knits
but they are now so expensive!!!
They always have such bright colors!
Can you guess what I'm eating there?
I know some will be disgusted... snails...
and can you guess what came next...????
and another strange french tradition... frogs legs!!!!
I must tell you something about this skirt...
I had totally forgotten it was in my wardrobe!!!!
I was searching for a black velvet pencil skirt and I found it!!!! It was like a Xmas present...

These emeralds earrings must be from the 30's, just costume jewelery but you can look like a million dollars baby when you wear them!!!! (bought for 3 euros in a flea markets...)
Another good day for my hair... I hate to take time to put hair rollers but I must admit it's a huge difference... I must give you a hair tutorial in 2013....

My feathers hat is an old flea market find!
We didn't eat only strange dishes... but also tastefull french pastries!!!
We watched some old cartoons with children including one of my favorite Cinderella!!!
Some last details about our outfits....
These shoes belong to my husband's father in the 50's...

and it was time to leave....
What do you usually eat for Christmas?
Have you ever taste snails or frogs?



  1. Joyeux Noël à tous les deux!

    (PS: Escargots, cuisses de grenouilles... que de bonnes choses que je n'ai eu l'occasion de manger depuis si longtemps.)

  2. Both of you have such wonderful outfits!! So festive! I'm especially in love with your chap's jacket!!


  3. I love your knitwear and the emerald earrings are gorgeous.

  4. Love that skirt! I actually like frog legs. I've never tried snails though.

  5. Such an absolutely wonderful looking Christmas celebration. You are both stylish to the nines, as always, and cut such a dashing, festively attired pair. I love that you customized your purse for the holidays - that was a really darling touch!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. You both look so darling-perfect Christmas atire! I have had excargot, but not in a long time. I also had frog's legs, but also not in many years. We would usually have a lovely ham, but because I was sick, I just made a big chicken stew. It was good and we all enjoyed it for something different.
    PS I love the little light up houses under the tree! I made my own set this year out of pre-printed ones from online, that I cut, scored, folded and glittered. So cute!!!
    Happy New Year 2013!!
    Hugs, Sandie

  7. Thansk so much for the tip...I am checking out Vintage Hunters right now! xx Shauna

  8. You look very Christmassy! We open our gifts on December 24 in Sweden as well. :)

  9. We are red sweater sisters! Love that skirt!

  10. It looks like you guys had a lovely Christmas! I really like the little flowers that you added to your handbag, and I LOVE your confetti lucite clamper bracelet! I have a few lucite clampers, but none of them that shape or with multi-coloured glitter! So nice!

  11. Very Inspiring Blogger Award:
    Happy New Year! x

  12. Our Christmas dinner hasn't changed for the past 5 years at least - turkey, stuffing and various roasted vegetables are always on the table. I like that it is a traditional, unchanging meal in my household. The only changeable part is pudding - this year we had baked cheescake and chocolate roulade, yum yum!

    Your Christmas looked delightful, I love that you use hair clips as a brooch!

    Ruby xx

  13. Oh a tutorial on using rollers would be lovely! I have thick, naturally curly hair but sometimes pin curl it to give it the right vintage shape. I'm not terribly good at pincurling, however, and would like to learn how to use rollers properly.