Sunday, October 23, 2011

HOME SWEET HOME : my living room

I try to live vintage in all aspects of my life and our house is a part of this vintage mania!
I will share with you some pictures of my living room all decorated with 50's furnitures and objects.

Here is the entrance of our living room, please come in!!!

The floor is original with a darker wood star.

I decorated this room about 5 years ago and sometimes when I find some nice things in flea market I want to add them or change some others to make the room more beautiful!

Me today wearing a new vintage 50's wool suit!!!

We bought this nice bamboo bar and the following hawaiian seat this year. I took back this vintage repro fabric from a trip in Honolulu 3 years ago. All fabrics shops are so nice there!

Some 50's shelves useful to expose our flea markets finds.

A 50's sewing small furniture.

A funny 50's magazines holder.

Here is a picture of us in our interior last year.
Picture by Etienne Butterlin for POWERGLIDE Magazine

I imagine this room decoration all by myself I didn't follow any 50's magazines I just put together all what we already owned from our flea markets trips. Furnitures and decorations come from France, Germany, Belgium and the USA. I chose a light pink shade on the wall and atomic barkclothes for windows.

What do you think about my living room?
Do you have a vintage style interior?


  1. What a beautiful home you have! It certainly has a lot of character. Good work. It looks so comfortable. I want to curl up in your bamboo chair.

  2. Your home is just beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing!

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  4. So much space ! Take you years to fill this ! I have a small 1 bedroom flat and since I moved in I did not have time and money to finish to decorate...

    Well, you find things very cheap where you live !!

  5. Thanks for all your compliments!!!
    Coralie, we have collected 40's and 50's items for about 10 years so I have a lot of objects just stored in the garage (and when I say a lot it's really a lot!!!!) and you are right all of them were bought for just a few euros.
    The prices for 50's objects or furnitures tend to increase a lot these 2 past years because 50's are so fashionable these days... in every magazines, even cooking magazines, you can see a 50's table or chair...

  6. That's what I was talking about with some friends yesterday !!! Where is the good ol' bargain's gone ??

    Arghh ! You need to have savings and budgets for 50s gear now ! either clothing or furniture !

  7. Beautiful !!! Thank you for the pictures. My home is not in vintage style,but I'm thinking to change my bedroom.

  8. Laurence, I was looking online for 50s home inspirations and I am not surprised to find this post of yours that I missed last year. :) You have such a wonderful home style, it's so inspiring! I'm looking forward to taking some of our beloved 50s treasures with us when we move, and filling in much more gaps!

  9. Please, write about how to decorate a bedroom single man in 50's style.

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