Sunday, October 30, 2011


Halloween is not really popular in FRANCE. I never heard about it in my childhood except perhaps in the Spielberg's movie E.T.
I made a party for Halloween for the first time in my life this year.
It was hard to find Halloween decorations because Christmas is already everywhere in shoppes! First clue about my costume...

I wanted to make a perfect party with a lot of "horrible" surprises for our guests!!!

The first surprise was outside of our house, an old cimetery with the names of our guest on fakes graves...

I also wanted an unusual table decoration and I had a good idea while watching some vintage Halloween pictures on Internet... Here is the result!

I made the tablecloth myself and tried keep everything in orange, black and white. Of course every dishes on our table were from the 50's!

Everything we ate or drank was also in shade of orange, black and white!!!

Let's speak more about my costume. I was quite inspirated by all those 40's actresses who made pictures dressed like sexy witches. So I wore a 30's black velvet vintage dress with quite amazing 40's shoes, crocheted 40's gloves and a 50's orange bakelite charm bracelet.

My husband was Dracula wearing a vintage tuxedo from the 50's!

And all our guests was so UGLY and DISGUSTING!!!!

All the food and beverages served were tastefull!!!

An eyes cocktail... (Thanks to Dolo)

Another strange beverage...

A between E.T. and Frankenstein cake...

A real pumkin soup... (Thanks to Vince)

It was a funny and unusual evening with our friends...

Do you celebrate Halloween in your country?
What do you think about our Halloween party, was yours fun?


  1. Ha ha, I can´t believe my eyes, a tampon and a sanitary pad?! :-)

  2. I couldn't not believe my eyes too even if I known that their costumes would be quite strange!!! Home made costume with a lot of imagination....

  3. This is so amazing!

  4. We don't really celebrate in Australia either - but I think you have inspired me for next year!

  5. Oh my goodness, that looks like it was such a fun Halloween party!!

  6. Great job! Looks like you are popularizing Halloween for not only France, but the world!

  7. I bet you used dry ice to smoke that strange beverage of yours! And seriously, the sanitary napkin?! I've never seen such a disgusting Halloween costume. Don't get me wrong, 'coz I actually like it! Haha! Will you spend Halloween this year, too?