Monday, October 15, 2012


Our week-end begun with sun...

Why not a little stroll to see the beautiful colors of fall?

"Where is she...????"

All those pictures were taken in the city where I work.

My husband likes when temperatures lower after summer, though he is able to wear again his flecked 50's jackets.

I chose to wear this 50's dress because I lost a few hours before an auction on Ebay for the same dress in yellow... so sad!!!

This beautiful 40's shirt comes from Berkley bought during our april US trip.

The beret that I'm wearing here is special... I bought it in a local flea market for 2 euros and I cannot believed my eyes when I saw the label... "LANVIN Paris"... A Haute Couture hat from the 50's for 2 euros, what a bargain!!!!

You forget you sunglasses Mr Husband, aren't you?

This purse is one of my last internet purchase, a MIDAS of Miami bag from the 50's.

I love animal brooches!

Here is some details on Sylvain's outfit.

I must tell you that buying dance shoes is a really good idea... no feet hurting even after walking all the afternoon!!!

Is it Versailles' entrance?

No, just the City Hall...

Fall is a beautiful season, when it's not raining...

Wearing a circle skirt is not easy when weather is windy...

Mushrooms season is here!
I was proud to take the following picture, lovely, isn't it?

This sweater is also a pretty new purchase, its color is really bright, quite fluorescent!

These pictures were taken in front of a former grocery store from the 50's.

This buiding has been closed for many years, all furnitures are still in there... what a dream! But will this buiding last a fews more years without being destroyed???? 

This dress is a bit large for me, so the idea is too wear it with a sweater...
I must speak to you a bit more about my MIDAS purse, it's so GORGEOUS!!!!

Here is probably how I looked when I opened the parcel and see this beauty!!!!

AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Perfect condition with pearls, embroidered flowers and butterflies... I even brought it in bed before sleeping to check all its details... A DREAM!!!!

Oh, I forgot to show you my new hairstyle: 2 simple ponytails!

Autum seems even nicer with our Buick!
Are you enjoying this fall beginning?
What are your recent gorgeous finds on internet?


  1. Do you buy vintage petticoats or are they new?

    1. I tried about everything vintage and new... and I ordered some custom ordered malco and sam petticoats a few years ago: a pink, a black and 2 white... I choose the lenght and the fullness... they are perfect!!!!

    2. Wow, I have to look into that, the ones I have are too short and made of that itchy netting material.

  2. I adore your outfit and I think your brightly coloured sweater looks swell on you. As always, your accessories are wonderful. You two must look so dapper taking a stroll through town.

  3. You two look fabulous. It's great to see all the vintage places you are able to find:)
    Lovely! I felt like I was listening to a story with pictures.

  4. Great pictures. I love all the different angles (the one with the mushrooms was so cute). Your skirt's movement is captured in a fun way too. Love the colour of your sweater. When my ex and I married, it was a key wedding colour!! So chic!

  5. Lanvin? Lucky girl! I love that dress!!!

  6. Such a terrifically pretty fall outfit! Your way with accessories never fails to impress and inspire me! I adore your Lanvin hat, as well as that super cute handbag, and every other accessory here, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I'm sad to hear there is so much "bad" burlesque in France. But you're right about the fact that so many people want to do it - the problem is just that they think they can throw together an outfit, and shake their butts a bit, and it's burlesque! I guess the ones who really want to do it, are the ones still doing it years from now...For events like the Stockholm Burlesque Festival you have to send in very informative applications if you want to perform - with pictures and a video of your act. And then the people who arrange the whole thing choose which ones they want to perform in the end. That's how you sort out the good, "real", burlesque dancers! :)

    Of course i have to comment on your Midas purse too - aaaaaaahhhhh!!!! It's just perfect! You always dress so well! I love your accessories too - and that includes your man! ;D xox

  8. What cute outfits for your stroll!! Everything looks so nice-the shoes, dress, BERET, darling bag, and your well-dressed hubby!! Very nice pic-taking, too, by the way! Yes, Fall is here, I think. Has been getting very chilly at night. The sun is good during the day, but I don't like it getting dark so early, do you? I also don't look forward to cold winter weather and snow....brrrrr....

  9. adorable dress, shoes and and purse!!! great pictures as well.