Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tea or Coffee ???

As a lot of you I'm following the Queen Elisabeth coronation birthday today on T.V. and I ask myself what kind of post can I write to honor the Queen...

Why not speaking about tea?

A lot of readers of this blog loved my post about my vintage glasses collection so I think about showing you some of my tea or coffee vintage sets.

Here is the first set a french made one named BAMAKO for its african inspired design. I also have the full dining set plates in 3 sizes, bowls, soup tureen, sauceboat.... It's our everyday set.

Another french made set from the 50's but I don't own the matching cups.

This complete set was bought in Belgium, its design it's not really common, it's made in Poland.

Green and blue glass for these 2 french sets, american people will call this material jadite and delphite.

This set comes from Germany. All pieces are so small that I really ask myself if this is a doll set...

Here is my FAVORITE set. It's a set from the 50's. It's like new with 12 cups.

I fall in love with this poodles design with gold highlights. So 50's !!!!

Like a lot of 50's dishes that you can find in flea markets here, it comes from Bavaria.


The cups are really small and made with so thin porcelain.

I have never used it fearing someone brokes one cup....
What a pity!

This set bought in Germany is also bavarian made. The design is classic but the cups are really convenient because bigger than usual.

Most of my sets are from the 50's. But I also have 2 sets from the 20's-30's.

I like these 2 ART DECO sets because the cups are not small like most 50's sets! Just perfect to drink tea.

This black set comes from FRANCE, I love the yellow inside paint.

This set was bought in Luxemburg last year. It's also a set from Bavaria. I also own the complete matching dining set 12 copies of each dishes.

This complete set with 12 cups was like new when I purchased it. It's from the brand SALINS famous in the 50's for its stylish design! 

This small set is also from SALINS. All handpainted!

But I must tell you something funny I quite never drink coffee because I don't like it and I only drink tea perhaps once a month!!!!! So you will ask me why have I so much tea/coffee sets???
Just because they are so beautiful !!!!

Do you drink more tea or coffee?
Do you have some vintage sets?


  1. Oh my! I squeeled with delight looking at your fantastic collection - The poodle set is my favourite :)

  2. omg!! so many sets! your everyday set is my favourite- I am a crazy tea drinker- but sadly here in madrid I have not seen any porcelian or ceramics from the 50s- where to you keep all your wonderful tea and dinner sets??

    1. In fact I have 2 kitchens in my house and one is only used to store all my dishes and glasses collection!!!

  3. Your deco set is my favorite. Lovely!

  4. I'm actually going to have a tea party today, first time using my Grandmother's tea service.

  5. Wow your collection is amazing! I love all of them! XxxX

  6. Wow you have a beautiful and extensive collection. It really is wonderful. I love them all but that poodle set really is something else.

  7. Hello dearie!

    I've just discovered your blog,I felt in love with poodle set. I would love to enjoy Irish teatime, with a cup like this!:)

  8. i just adore your collection my dear! :) i have a soft spot for tea-sets! :) your blog is just amazing thank you so much for posting the link at the Speak-Easy! :)

    wishing you a wonderful day,