Monday, January 28, 2013

Soon on TV...!!!!!

We spent a special saturday this week-end.... This post's tittle say all... some TV journalists came home to make an interview of us!

First, I didn't want to do it... but my husband was dying to show our life style on TV! So I said a small "yes"...
It will just be a few minutes on TV and not in a huge national show... I will not tell which one because I fear it to be so bad that I will want to hide... so if I think it is good, I will share it with you :-)
Here is what I chose to wear for the interview.
An early 50's dress... this dress has a special story, I bought it on Ebay in september 2011 but after a few weeks the parcel was still not there! I contacted its seller many times and always had some "good" excuses... and I finally forget about it!!!!
What was my surprise when I received a parcel more than 1 year after with this dress in!!! The seller finally decided to send it to me with an letter of apology... Everything can finally happen!
I was also wearing my Delano from Miss L Fire.
Did you notice that I cut my hair a bit?  I still cannot decide if I want to change my hair color...
This late 40's thrift hat is perfect for this hair style!
This cute leather gloves were found NOS in a flea market in belgium. My purse is from Etsy just before New Year Eve.
Have you ever been interviewed on TV?
What do you think,
will it be nice if I chose a darker hair color?


  1. How exciting! I hope it turns out to be good and not bad. :D Amazing outfit--how crazy about the eBay story! It's a gorgeous dress. I once had an eBay seller months later send me straps to a vintage Hawaiian dress and bolero I bought from them. I didn't think it came with them in the first place so it was quite a surprise!

  2. You have to post it on your blog, we all love you two and I'm sure you both were amazing.

  3. You have such a lovely wardrobe and a great sense on how to use accessories:) I'd love to have a peak in your jewelry box or is it boxes (smile). I'm now moving onto another jewelry box. I do hope you'll post the video it will be so much fun!! You two are so dedicated and deserve to be shown as the true 50's hip cats you are:))

  4. That is so fabulously exciting! Happiest congrats to you both! Your story about how long this dress took arrive is inspiring because it gives those of us who have had similar situation occur over the years hope that maybe, just maybe those long lost items could still turn up on our doorsteps one day.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Quel succès!!! On ne peut plus vous arrêter....A quand le film ;-). Très joli choix concernant ta tenue.
    Concernant, tes cheveux, j'aime bien le blond, je trouve qu'il te va bien. Ça éclaire ton visage. Le choix n'appartient qu'à toi.

  6. Oh that is so exciting you should definitely share it it! The dress is perfection on you! x

  7. How exciting news! I'm sure it will be great. That dress is so adorable btw :)

    I think you would look good with ginger hair, but the blonde suits your great as well.

  8. Tu es superbe ! J'adorerais voir ce reportage, dis-moi quand ça passe !!!! ;-)

  9. Wow,that is great news. I would love to see the footage. You look gorgeous by the way, those colours and style really suit you. That is a hilarious story about ebay. I once got sent a completely different dress from the one I had ordered (as the seller had mixed up packages) and only retrieved the one I had ordered by contacting the other buyers from her shop. Re: your hair - perhaps brownish red would be nice? Maria x

  10. Wow, how exciting! I hope you will post a clip up here on your blog for us to see! :) I love love LOVE this outfit! The dress is soooooooo lovely - definitely worth the wait!!! I can't believe it took a year to get to you though - what was the seller's excuse?! xx

  11. Congrats on your TV interview! I hope you share it with us when it goes live.

    I love your platinum blonde hair, but I know that blonde dye can take its toll on hair health, would you consider a warm blode/almost ginger colour?

    You look smashing in plaid and always manage to look cut and young in it. I always look slightly frumpy and ols in all over plaid, I have to restrict myself to just a skirt or jacket otherwise I look ridiculous and ancient.

    I adore those gloves, isn't it funny how sometimes the best purchases are the least expensive. xx Shauna