Monday, September 7, 2015

BEST PART of the trip!!!

When you are planning a trip...there are always places that you are dying to visit...

and others places that are just between your main goals but and perhaps are worthing a stop!

What I really wanted to visit were Neuschwanstein and Vienna.

but I was surprised to see that they were finally not the places I loved the most on that trip!!!

I really enjoyed that place lost in the Alps...

it's called the Eagle's nest in Berchtesgaden.

This place is quite famous because it was built by the NAZIs in the 30's for Hitler.

They built 6.5km of roads in montain with 5 tunnel and a 120 m elevator in the heart of the mountain to have the best view of the valley.

A lot of people think it was the "Führer"'s house, but it was not!

Hitler only came a few time there because he suffured from vertigo...

His vacation house, the Berghof, was really close from there, but this place was demolished in 1952.

You really have a breathless view from there.

The mountains are so peaceful and beautiful!

Moreover the temperature was just perfect 

while there was a real heat wave in the valley!

The Eagle's nest is really close to Austria.

So in less than 30 minutes drive you can be in Salzburg!

I must tell you that I really LOVE Mozart's city!!!!

My favorite place in our road trip.

The old town is so well preserved.

Everything is clean and restaured.

You can see a lot of small shoppes that had not changed for 200 years.

The streets are quite narrow...

with a lot of old style signs.

A really romantic place!

Even the cemetary was sonice and  different.

But Salzburg is not a place for antiques and vintage.

Only a few shoppes but pricey...

There are a lot of concerts in the city...

it's fun to see really well dressed people in the streets in the evening to go to theaters.

I was pleased to meet a follower of this blog in this park!!!

We stayed 2 days in this typical "pension".

For our second day in this beautiful city,

we visited the medieval castle.

On the top of the hill, the view is amazing!

Can be somewhere in Spain ...

even because of the heat... so HOT!!!

but really Salzburg is worthing a visit...

the city is great and a few miles from the Alps!

You can easily spend an extented week-end there

without being bored!!!

Have you ever visited Salzburg?
What place did you really like recently?

J'oriente souvent nos voyages en fonction d'endroits que je veux absolument visiter et lors d'un road trip, il faut forcement meubler entre les étapes principales... et voilà comment on découvre de s endroits dont on tombe amoureux alors que les lieux qui nous faisaient rêver nous déçoivent finalement... notre périple ne dérogea pas à cette règle... alors que je mourrais d'envie de découvrir Vienne et Neuschwanstein, c'est Salzburg et le nid d'aigle qui ont volé mon coeur.... Petite ville autrichienne bien proprette à quelques kms des Montagnes, ce fût un plaisir de flâner dans des rues qui n'ont probablement pas changées depuis des centaines d'années... A 1/2 heure de là, le nid d'aigle offre une vue magnifique sur les Alpes... 2 endroits au charme romantique désuet... J'ADORE!!!!
- Prochaine étape... Vienne et Budapest! -


  1. Wow!!! That is what I want to see when I go to Europe. I feel exactly the same way; when we travel, the big landmarks are always seem to be the most disappointing. It is the out-of-the-way places that feel like you've stumbled across a hidden gem. They feel special and are usually much less crowded. Thanks for these great photos!

  2. That all looks so amazing. Those views from the mountain top are stunning. I love the photo of the suit of armour with you in the background - so cute!

  3. Salzburg looks all the more breathtaking seen through the lens of two passionate history lovers.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Ah l'Autriche!! j'étais là pendant la dernière semaine de Juillet. J'ai adoré sur tout les Alps :-) Salzsburg n'est pas économique, même pour habiter là-bas. Wien est encore plus cher! mais bon comme tu as bien dit des fois tu trouves des endroits que sont plus belles qu'attendus. Votres photos sont très belles et voilá! retour a la jupe. C'était bizarre dans ton post anterior te voir en "shorts" et pas en jupe où en robe. Manque d'habitude, ups ;-) Vous etez bien habillés comme toujours. Continuez comme ça! (pardon pour mon français, n'est pas ma langue maternelle). Eva

  5. My family was stationed at Rhein Mein AFB, located near Frankfurt, Germany, in the early 1990s. I remember going here while on a winter holiday. We stayed at a hotel that was in Berchesgarten that was a ski resort as well. So many wonderful memories of being there. Too bad I was too young then to fully appreciate where I was! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful photos. Really took me back. Did you visit Mozart's birth house? or the salt mines?

  6. Lovely photos. I was in Salzburg for twenty four hours last December. Loved it; the view from the castle was amazing, and I experienced my first snow

  7. The pictures of Salzburg in sunshine look great! :) I spent 5 months there on exchange during winter, when it looks quite different in show cover, but beautiful as well! For Sound of Music enthusiasts there are few familiar scenes in Salzburg region, too. Enjoy your trip!

  8. Salzburg and the Eagle's Nest are among my favourites too. :)

  9. That red and black hat is gorgeous! Wonderful pictures!

  10. j'adore vos tenues! je devrais visiter la ville de Mozart, je n'y suis encore jamais allee

  11. Great post, thanks for sharing! Haven't seen Salzburg aswell ... When I was a kid my parents took me a lot to the alps for skiing but I never ever saw an Austrian city.