Thursday, September 3, 2015

VERSAILLES in Tyrol !!!

So after Munich and Neuschwanstein....

we spent 2 days in Chiemsee (also in Germany).

This lake is well known for yachting

and spending peaceful vacation in family.

But it's also famous for its islands!

So we chose to visit Herrenchiemsee.

We took one of these boats.

The weather was so nice, even too hot!

You will not see me often in shorts...

I think that I feel more the heat with shorts than with a dress!

This small cruise was really nice!

And we landed in this wonderful island...

to visit its breathless castle!

It's the last castle built by Ludwig II of Bavaria...

It's a copy of Versailles!

Ludwig II were a huge fan of the french king Louis XIV "Le roi soleil"

So he copied the foutains,

the style of the building...

but also the interiors with a lot of gold every where!!!
(sorry pictures were not allowed...)

But of course, it's smaller than Versailles...

and never finished... nobody never lived there...
a large majority of the rooms are just made of bricks with no decoration or furnitures...

 it's quite a odd feeling to visit this part of the castle...
but they transformed a few rooms into a museum for Ludwig II.

He loved arts so much: paintings, theater, music, architecture...
you can see the projects of some unbuilt castles...

It's quite a Disneyland feeling... look at this stove he designed... makes me think about the "Small World" attraction, isn't it?

It was so hot that it was nice to take a small break on the castle terrace!

And as we don't like to loose our time...

a little bath in the swimming pool of our "pension"!

"Pension" is like a bed and breakfast...

we enjoyed a nice homemade meal on that evening!!!

Do you like to visit castles?
Do you prefer hotels or beds and breakfast to travel?

Et nous voici de retour pour la suite de notre petit périple! Nous avons fait un stop sur le lac pittoresque de Chiemsee. Saviez-vous qu'il existe une copie de Versailles? Et bien oui, elle se trouve sur une île au milieu de ce lac tyrolien... Herrenchiemsee, bien que plus petite, cette copie n'a rien à envier à son ainée. Dernière réalisation du roi Louis II de Bavière, son oeuvre est restée inachevée et inhabitée... Il est bizarre de passer de pièces regorgeant de fastes incroyables à des pièces de briques dépouillées de tout meuble ou décoration... heureusement, ils ont mis à profit ces espaces pour en faire un musée et mieux comprendre ce roi qu'on disait fou!
Nous avons choisi de loger dans des pensions pour une immersion dans la culture bavaroise et sans regret!!!
- Prochains arrêt... Salzbourg! -


  1. This looks fun! I personally love bed & breakfasts when I travel. I feel like I get to know a place better that way.

  2. I like hotels, but they have to be small with lots of character - no anonymous chain hotels for me.

    Ludwig's castles are beautiful, but his story is a very sad one.

  3. Love all the pictures. I do wonder if your hats ever blow away and how you keep them so elegantly in place? I like both your shirts too.

  4. Completely lovely travel snaps and outfits - I'm especially smitten with your red and black hat, Laurence. What a chic topper!!!

    I'm a hotel gal myself and definitely adore castles - all the more so since Tony proposed to me in an Irish one back in 2004.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Ludwig a presque ruiné Bavière avec la construction de ses chateaus, mais ils sont tous magnifiques. Il y a une copie de Versailles aussi en Espagne, à Aranjuez (Madrid) mais tout petit et plus vielle.
    Vous photos sont magnifiques, j'adore ton vintage "bath suit". Habitué a te voir avec des robes c'est bizarre t'observer en pantalon! Vous étez comme toujours très bien habillés. Salutations du Luxembourg/Trèves :-) Eva

  6. oh vraiment magnifiques vos photos! j'adore les shorts tres elegant!

  7. oh vraiment magnifiques vos photos! j'adore les shorts tres elegant!