Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring or Fall???

Here are a few pictures from last week-end...

We went to a flea market.
We found a lot of stuff: vintage hats, bakelite bangles, records, 40's shoes, 50's umbrella....
It was an indoor event.
We didn't go to many flea markets this year because since spring has started, weather is so strange!
I heard on TV that we have November temperatures.
So much rain...
We only had saturday to enjoy a little bit of sun...
But we don't know what to wear!
A simple coton dress is definitively not enough.
So I chose to wear a suit.
I don't wear suits a lot because it's not the most comfy outfits.
But I love them!
This one is from the late 40's.
This was a gift from a friend in Chicago.
Did you notice this AMAZING jacket that Sylvain is wearing?
I found it on Etsy for him for a quite reasonable price!
Its condition is not pristine but all details are so gorgeous!
It dates back 1955 and this college is in Rochester (NY)...
Look at this back jacket, WAOW!!!

My coat is from the 40's.
I bought it in a vintage shop in Bruxelles some years ago.
I fell in love with this raspberry color and this HOOD!!! 
This collar is really handsome!
It was made in England.

I found this Parisian purse not in Paris but in Vegas!!!

This oak is a memorial from the WWII to thanks US G.I.

 After a cold morning...

we could enjoy garden with sun!

 Did you see my new silly hat?

Also from the 40's!

Lilac are really lovely!!!

I really love my man in red :-)

Do you like to wear suits ?
Do you own a vintage Varsity jacket ?


  1. WOW! I am blown away by both of your outfits! His jacket is simply exceptional though!!


  2. you both look so pretty
    I wonder do you know when the vintage festival is in Disneyland this year( I know you went to that one last year)

    1. Yes, we were at Rock'n roll festival in Disneyland Paris last 3 years, but we don't plan to go this year. I have search the dates of this event but I couldn't not find anything for the moment... it was usually the second week-end of september.

  3. So many great details in both your outfits. I just LOVE that bag. I've been looking for a vintage Parisian theme for sometime but haven't quite found the right one. If I saw this one, I'm sure I would grab it:) How nice you found it in Vegas! You have a way of finding some of the neatest things! Our flea markets where I live sell nothing but junk:P I also very much love your suit and your hat is so cute, it has amazing shape for such a vintage felt hat. The coat is also such a great color, what a great spring coat love it!

  4. I love everything about that amazing coat you are wearing! Just gorgeous! Both of you look fantastic as always ;-)

  5. that in an amazing jacket on him! i love the red too.

  6. I adore the oatmeal and raspberry colour palette of your elegantly lovely chilly spring weather ensemble. Very sophisticated and classic, while also being sweet and fun (just like you, dear gal!).

    ♥ Jessica

  7. You two always look so fabulous! I have a very similar purse with a Parisian scene on top, and I found mine in the desert, too...in Palmdale, california.

  8. I am a big fan of your hat - VERY COOL! I hope you get some consistent sunshine soon!

  9. My absolute favourite thing about this entire post is the hood on your coat, I'm just in love with the shape of it and the way it blends into the collar.

  10. realy like what I see, I also wear daily vintage
    so nice to see there are others like me and my wife
    it would be nice if you follewed my blog

  11. Needless to say, I always wait to see new posts on your blog, I love your photos, your trips, your clothes, the accessories, this bag is truly unique, this coat I remember it in another post, maybe of the year last year, or even before, and I just started following you because I had found a picture of you with this coat from the particular cut of the cap.

    You are a cute couple.


  12. I agree, the weather has been so strange lately! Really sunny and warm one day, and super windy and drizzly the next! It is so hard to know what to wear.... I just hope that we actually get a decent summer this year...

  13. You both look so charming! I love love love the hood and your awesome shoes and that fab hat so very much.

  14. Fabulous!! There is just no other word to describe both of you!! FABULOUS!!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  15. i love this and 50's style! the makeup, the umbrella, the clothes! so nice!