Thursday, May 2, 2013

30's WEDDING (part I) : at church!

So we will come back more than one month ago...

During our US vacations!
I'm so busy lately that I had no time to make this post before.
So many good pictures to share....
These ones were taken at our friends Ashley & Rob's wedding.
It was a 30's garden party wedding!
I will have to make 2 posts because I could not get ride of a lot of good pictures!!!
The ceremony took place in an amazing church.
Just on the top of a hill at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park.
It's a huge cemetery and probably the biggest green area in L.A.
A lot of Hollywood stars of the Golden age are burried there: Clark Gable, Mary Pickford, James Stewart, Carole Lombard, Jean Harlow, Humphrey Bogart, Erol Flynn, Walt Disney....
The weather for this wedding day was PERFECT!!!
Everyone were so well dressed!!!
We were really lucky to be able to attend 2 vintage weddings in the same trip!
Sylvain was wearing a early 20's suit and boater.
I was wearing a 40's pink dress...
with a 40's asymetrical black jacket!
I was supposed to wear a small black purse but found this lucite handbag just the day before the wedding!!!!
Familly and friends were wearing vintage!
And here is the BEAUTIFUL 30's bride!!!!
This church made me think to England...
Even babies were vintage style dressed!!!!!
Bridesmaids and Groomsmen were terrific!
So different from french weddings...
But it was not an usual one for sure!!!
The bride's dress was purchased on Ebay for a few bucks...
And it was time to head to the reception's place...
Why not in the rumble seat of our friend's car???
That's a Packard from 1937.
The just married couple was in another Packard from the 30's.
That was a fun, fun day!!!!
Reception will be for a next post!
Do you know Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park?
Isn't the bride gorgeous?


  1. I love seeing pictures like these from vintage weddings, especially when everyone is so well dressed! Your lucite handbag is fantastic, I have been after one myself but I have found them mostly to be too expensive for me.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I saw photos from the wedding on the Wearing History blog and quite literally drooled. So lucky you got to attend, this truly looks like the most gorgeous wedding I've ever seen!

  3. I actually drive by Forrest Lawn EVERY DAY! I had no idea that so many starts were buried up there. :)

  4. Oh my! This would be a lifetime even to attend such a marvelous wedding! So many beautifully dressed people and all the beautiful colors. Thanks for posting images on this! I also spotted a lady with a Lilli Ann suit and matching coat! I love all the vintage sunglasses I'm on the hunt for some 30's round specks now:) All those lovely outfits!!!!

  5. This is a truly exquisite wedding, my goodness! And these are the kind of pictures that set a vintage (and wedding) loving lady's heart on fire. What a joy it must have been to attend such a resplendently stunning event!

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I think it's great that people are opting for authentic vintage weddings/events.

  7. What beautiful photos! Your dress is so beautiful, I love the shade of pink! And how great that all the guests dressed up as well. I have been thinking of doing a vintage wedding as well, but I was always scared, that only some of the guests would participate and the rest would come normally dressed.
    And the wedding dress is a real bargain! Maybe I should watch out for vintage wedding gowns more often.
    And what an opportunity to visit two weddings during your trip!

  8. It's so neat to see you met some of my LA friends!!! I wish I could have attended. Wonderful and your man looked amazing!

  9. Such a beautiful wedding! Everyone looked amazing! I had no idea there were that many vintage people in Cali! Go figure!!?? xox

  10. Does'n't everyone looks absolutely fabulous? Such a glamorous wedding - and your outfit is gorgeous..... that dress and lucite handbag! :O

  11. It was such a lovely wedding and such a beautiful day. You guys looked magnificent (no surprise there) and it was another great chance to hang out with you and Sylvain. I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures!

  12. This wedding looks fantastic and the photos are wonderful! Everyone looks soooooo stylish! I particularly like that last photo of the guys in the back of the car! :)