Saturday, May 4, 2013

30's WEDDING (Part II): at Garden Party!

And here is the second part on this wedding beautiful day...
The garden party started with a dance from our just married couple!

So lovely and romantic!!!

And it was time to eat a little something...

I forgot to mentionned that my headpiece was specialy created for me...

to fit my outfit by Swell Dame!

This dress is an old purchase, but I didn't wear it often...this kind of long dresses needs a special event to be worn!

The garden party took place in an breathless house....

In the top of a hill....

built in 1907...

and have been refurnished like one century before!!!!

All guests could go where ever they wanted to visit this incredible house!!!

All rooms were AMAZING!!!

Our just married friends fitted it perfectly!

It's nice to see a so well preserved hom!

Sylvain 's suit was not really from the 20's...

It is vintage from the 50's-60's, never worn, it comes from a Broadway theater!!!

The bathrooms were so perfect... like if we were in a time machine!

Sylvain wanted me to show you this picture... A bit too sexy for my taste...

Look at my husband's shoes, lovely, aren't they?

What a pleasure to discuss with friends in this atmosphere!

This house was surrounded with vintage cars!

All the ladies for a picture together!

And it was time for the bride to give her bouquet...

to a bunch of crazy lonely girls!!!

Look at this amazing view!

This day passed too fast...


for some cute souvenirs!

Our cute bride changed her outfit...

to leave with her new husband in a fully decorated car!!! 

For us, it was not the end we continued to party with friends at restaurant!!!
What do you think about this house ?
Did this wedding inspired you for yours ?
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! The library is my favorite room! So gorgeous! :)

  2. What a gorgeous wedding. Everyone looked just fabulous. I especially love the photo booth - adorable!

  3. Lovely photos as usual and how nice is that one that Sylvain made you share? No wonder he likes it! :)

  4. What a wonderful-looking wedding celebration... everyone looked fabulous, and ooh-er at that saucy shot on the stairs! ;)

  5. Oh, these 1930s wedding photos just keep getting more amazing! I was so completely in love with the first set that I even showed them to Tony. He too was smitten, so I'll definitely be sharing this second selection with him when it he gets home later today.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I totally love these posts! I'm in blogger heaven reading about your wonderful time at the 30's wedding. I think I would have wanted time to stop still if I were there. So much fun to see all the fun and wonderful outfits! Just lovely!

  7. that really is a gorgeous house! a friend of mine is getting married this fall in a beautifully preserved old house and i can't wait!

  8. FAB-U-LOUS! I have seen this wedding on other sites but I just can't get enough of it; the guests, the house, the cars...seldom have I seen anything so perfect from beginning to end! And the 'sexy" photo was hardly so by "modern' standards, but by pre-50s standards, oo-la-la! If one has to have a "sexy" photo of oneself, that's the one to have!

  9. Such a wonderful wedding, everyone looks beautiful, I adore your dress and that house! wowzers xc

  10. You may not wear your gown very often but you look so wondrful in it and it is so appropriate for the event.

    That house is amazing! I would kill to live there.