Thursday, May 9, 2013

MULES to die for!!!

Last week-end was really sunny...

That was a perfect weather to go out with Sylvain's 1958 Continental convertible!
I must tell you that I'm not a huge fan of convertible...
That's not easy to keep hats on head when top is down...
Even wearing hat pins is not enough...
Moreover, that was a windy day!

But with this sun, I could not resist to wear a new skirt...

  Everything looks better when sun is here...

Even a lonely tree can be a good background!

I found this large hat in a flea market in Toulouse last summer but wore it for the first time on that day! 

That vintage country side skirt is from Germany. 

But I must show you what I loved the most in this outfit...
My new MISS L FIRE mules!!!!!

They are really amazing and so comfy!
You feel immediatly so sexy when you wear them!!!
That's not my husband that will tell you otherwise!!! :-)
You are also in love, aren't you?

I like red accessories a lot.

Vintage cherries brooch...
Sorry to show you such white legs... but we didn't have so much sun lately... 

This skirt will be really versatile, black, yellow, green, red, blue... so many colors can match it! 

A classic flat pockets 50's shirt for Sylvain...

and late 40's high waist gabardine pants!

I'm a huge MISS L FIRE fan, what about you ?
Do your man also wear vintage ?


  1. Of course those shoes are great! Miss L Fire shoes are so stylish and they look so lovely with your outfit. I wish I could come for a ride in your car, too <3

  2. OMG! I'm dying over here. I would totally wear everything you have on. Love love love it!

  3. Super clever system ! Your mules have an elastic band just like the Spring-o-lators ! :) No slipping !

  4. Beautiful car, photos, and outfits! I would love a pair of Miss L Fire shoes. The pair you have on are beautiful!

  5. Love those mules, they are on my birthday list! I agree with Technicolor Cutie, I would wear everything :)

  6. Everything about your outfit is sublime! That hat literally made me gasp aloud audibly - it's just amazing!

    So happy you guys are getting treated to some fantastic spring weather. At long last, we finally are on this end, too (in fact, the first three days of this week were wayyyy above the seasonal norm temperature wise at about +30C, but today is a more manageable +24C).

    Your convertible is fabulous, BTW!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I saw those on their site recently and fell absolutely in LOVE with them. I wish I could afford to buy a pair of them right now. They look wonderful, and your whole outfit is wonderful. That hat is fabulous!

  8. I just bought my first pair of Miss L Fire shoes...and I am already scheming to buy some more.
    Laurence, I love your blog. You are truly inspirational!
    Love, Melissa

  9. I'm flying over to steal your skirt, handbag and shoes!

  10. The skirt is beautiful and the shoes ... I must have a pair too. My legs are paler than yours, but I've started using selftan.

  11. That car is amazing and you two look fantastic! xx

  12. Your outfit is simply perfect! The mules...oh, these shoes look so great for summer, but sadly I can´t walk in mules, I need an additional my feet are more into wedges :-)

  13. My husband doesn't wear vintage but I do course him to take pictures of me:) My daughter loves vintage things, especially jewelry. She just took a liking to my lucite bag but boy those are expensive to buy one for her lol. What a great day to be out taking pictures? It looks so sunny and bright. You two are lovely dressed as always:))

  14. Oh I also wanted to tell you the red Remix shoes are called Zena:)

  15. Love the shoes and skirt and omg that purse hehe Looks like a beautiful where you are-so glad the sun is shining on your end of the pond xox

  16. I love the picture of you two! How do hat pins work. Do they ruin the hat?

  17. you three look great (the car too, because of that i talk about three). i love every littel piece of your outfit.

    i go almost everywhere by bike, this means i really know what you mean by talking about problems to keep a hat on your head while driving around... even a bike isn't that fast as a lovely convertible.

  18. Those mules/shoes really are wonderful but I have to say that skirt is tops for me!