Thursday, May 30, 2013

Grandma or vintage elegance ???

Sorry to have not posted so much lately...

Weather in western Europe is still so bad...
So our moods are not the best...
Rain, rain, rain and even snow near home last week,
can you believe it?

I was also busy to list a lot of my clothes that I want to sell because I need to find place!!!
If you want to see what is wanted a new home, click HERE to see my "FOR SALE" Facebook album! A lot of L and XL sizes.
So these pictures are from last week-end, a little bit of sun between raining times...
This dress is what I call a dilemna....

I have had it in my favorites on Etsy since a long moment but could not decide if I must buy it or not...
Not because of the price, it was really affordable...
My question was: "Would I look like a grandma while wearing this?"
A lot of vintage lovers like hawaiian stuff, pin-up wiggle dresses... probably to feel young and sexy...
Me, I often like floral fabrics... of course I also like novelty, tropical and atomic designs but they are harder to find and so expensive!
So I finally decided to buy this dress because I like it and didn't care if I looked older while wearing it...
I must confess that I turned 35 years old today... so there are a lot of questions that are lately crossing my mind... looking at every small wrinckles...
Do I feel older while wearing vintage or this dress particulary ???
Absolutly not!!! Someone even compared me with Grace Kelly!!!
What a compliment...

I think that nice matching accessories are the secret!!!
40's style wedgies...
A gorgeous 50's sparkling sweater...
HUGE 40's velvet beret and flowers!

That the same for my husband, does he look like a grandpa while wearing vintage?  

  My answer is a NO! Just elegant...

 and even more handsome!!!

Do you think that wearing vintage can makes you look older?
Do you like floral vintage designs?


  1. You both look great as always! I prefer floral print 50s dresses and I sometimes think that my dresses make me look 'too old' (for want of a better phrase!) but at the end of the day, I think you should wear what you love!!

  2. Having worn vintage for a while, I look back at photos of myself and yes I think sometimes I look like I'm wearing my Nana's dresses. Vintage can go both ways, it depends on what you put together.

  3. I love those wedges as well as the rest of the outfit. Sorry to hear the weather has been so bad. Hope you have a fabulous birthday! I am fast approaching the 35 year mark as well (just a couple more months to go)!

  4. I think the dress is lovely and you always make beautiful outfits using your accessories. You do not look like a grandma!

  5. I think the dress is very lovely. I have had that delma too..when to not look "grandma" . This is difficult because after all it is "grandma's time". lol. I think it's all what we accept it to be. I have a beautiful 30's coat that my husband calls "grandma" but I don't care because it is beautiful and well tailored. These women took time on their appearance. I'm with you on the Hawaii theme. I don't want to jump on the band wagon and I feel like I've reached an age where shoulderless dresses are difficult for me to wear so I have to look for a happy medium. I'm sure there is a lovely tropical dress out there just calling my name, right after I clean out some of my closet just like you:))

  6. I think the dress looks tip top on you! For me, florals always read "youthful" and "girly"... certainly not grandma. Happiest of birthday wishes!!

    xo Sara

  7. I wish my grandma would look like this! :)

  8. I think vintage can make a person look older, but the two of you look terrific and don't look "old" at all. I think the fit has a lot to do with it. Especially if it is too big and loose, a person can look like they are playing dress up. I like the more feminine look like this floral dress you are wearing and I agree the well coordinated accessories keep it from any possibility of looking dowdy. I know many vintage wearers go for the sexy tight-fitting looks, but that comes with problems too. It can look very cheap and costumy, instead of classy and sophisticated.

  9. Je ne trouve pas que cette tenue, cette robe te vieillisse particulièrement, non ! Au contraire, c'est une robe fraîche, parfaite pour le printemps...
    Mais c'est vrai qu'en vintage, avec les robes 40's ou 50's certaines coupes ou coloris sont un peu "durs" quelquefois, et peuvent donner un coup de vieux à la silhouette... Après, tout est dans les accessoires, comme tu le dis et le fais si bien, pour dédramatiser la tenue et lui redonner un coup de jeune !

    Au fait, bon anniversaire !

    Biz ;-)

  10. I really like that dress, it's certainly not something that immediately makes me think of a grandma! The print is very nice, I love the colour combination.

  11. We are exactly one year apart! I turned 36 on May 30th. Bleh! I think you look stunning!! I adore vintage florals as well, and you could never look like a grandma!! You have so much style!
    It rained much of the time I was in Italy. Boo! Hopefully the weather improves for you soon!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  12. I have those 'dilemma' dresses or pants that I can't decide if I was going to purchase them. Usually I don't, but I keep so many lovely things on there that eventually I'll just say "what the hey" and get them!

    The Fictionista

  13. How wonderful that you got a moment of lovely sunlight amongst a month of such heavy rain and unseasonably rough temperatures. You both look marvelous (and you don't look grandmotherly in a negative way here at all - you're gorgeous and stylish as always); I can see on your faces how happy you were to be outside enjoying the fresh air.

    Wishing you a much, much sunnier June!
    ♥ Jessica

  14. happy belated 35th birthday, my dear gal! i would have never expected you turning 35 this year. you look much younger! - and of course: you look fabulous in this lovely dress and cardi. great outfit!
    ... sad me, i already turn 36 in end of july .... arrgh!

  15. i can't believe, that there is less original vintage stuff on my mum spents most of her holidays in france and she always talks about all these lovely vintage and antique stores ... because of this i thought there would be a lot of great vintage on ebay aswell.
    most of my 'OLD' vintage finds (40s-early 60s) are from ebay. de but things are getting more and more expencive.
    i'm really looking forward to go on treasure hunt in the states.

  16. You both look fabulous!!!! I sometimes have this dilemma too, when I am unsure of something makes me look pretty in vintage, or just plain grannyish! Hahah! I am turning 30 this year, and am being dragged out of my 20s kicking and screaming!!!! :P

  17. So lovely! I really enjoy florals too. Wear what you wish and enjoy it! :)

  18. Laurence! I just found your blog! It is such a pleasure to read it! And the photos! I feel as I watched one of my beloved Holywood movies! Awesome! You look stunning! You must have a wonderful life wearing all those clothes every day.
    I do regret that these times never will come back, but thanks to your blog I can make my sould and eyes happy ;-) All the best from Poland!!!

  19. So nice to find you and your beautiful blog Laurence! You absolutely look gorgeous wearing vintage and you and your husband make a wonderful couple! :)
    By the way, happy birthday!!!
    Greetings from Greece!



  20. You both look lovely, not like grannies. I love flower prints too and have never thought that they make one look older. I'm turning fifty (!!!) this autumn, so I certainly hope not.

  21. I think you are stunning! Also, I believe you look age appropriate. I'm 42, and to be honest, I'm tired of trying to look young. I'm ready to embrace my age and look what I am- a middle aged mom. No, I'm not ready to look like a 60 year old granny but only because I'm NOT a 60 year old granny. If I were (and when I am) I'll be ok with that too. Love your blog and your style.