Monday, September 15, 2014

URBEX : the GHOST factory!

You sometimes found some abandonned beautiful buildings just across a street...

The first thing that come to my mind in such case is:

 what could happen to let such a beauty falls appart like that...

It's quite sad but also excited!

It's how we felt last week while coming back from a flea market in Belgium...

We found this beautiful and lonely ART DECO factory and stopped the car immediatly!

Most of the times, it's not possible to enter such sites,

but here everything was openned!

No more furnitures...

Just a ghost factory!

We had no idea of what was produce there, no clue...

Such great details just for a factory!

Great graffitis....

that matched perfectly Sylvain's shirt!

Photographying abandonned places is called URBEX.

Some people are really talented for that, I always ask myself: 

 "But how can they find such places like if time was stopped many decades ago!!!!"

It was a perfect background for an outfit shooting...

I really LOVE this dress from the late 40's, early 50's.

I found it in Berlin during our European trip in August...

Yes, I know... I must still share pictures from that trip!

The colors of that dress are so easy to match.

I don't know if you noticed but I cut my hair recently!

This dress is so versatile!

Can be worn with a belt...

or without!

Matching accessories are easy to find.

This watch is also a purchase from Berlin,

 found in a flea market, so ATOMIC!

Just another simple coton dress that can make you look like a million dollars baby!

That day was quite hot...

so Sylvain chose a more casual style!

Vintage flashy french shirt from the 50's...

a lot of people asked him where were his ties!!!

Have you ever explored abandonned buildings?
Do you like URBEX?

By the way, we are now on INSTAGRAM so please follow us our pseudo is LOST_IN_THE_1950s

Il arrive qu'au détour d'un chemin on tombe sur les bâtiments abandonnés... soudain notre esprit vagabonde... que c'est-il passé? Pourquoi avoir abandonné ce patrimoine?
On oscille entre tristesse et excitation! Il n'est souvent pas possible de visiter de tels lieux... mais nous avons croisé, en retour de brocante, cette magnifique usine ART DECO... dans son jus, les graffeurs y avaient apposé leurs oeuvres... Un décor fantôme pour une petite scéance photo improvisée! 
Tenue décontracte pour Monsieur et une simple robe en coton fin 40, début 50 pour Madame, une fois de plus les accessoires permettent d'en faire une tenue de gala!
- A bientôt -


  1. Wow, what a hauntingly stunning background. And I love your new dress, hair and watch. And your husband is cutting quite the dashing figure in his casual ensemble!

  2. Dear Laurence and Sylvain,
    Oooh I love old buildings. Such a shame when they are no longer appreciated. I wonder what it was used for or who were the people who worked there. Old buildings have wonderful details, you no longer see in our modern times. Thanks for sharing.
    You both are dressed so nicely. I always appreciate the details in your wardrobes. The print on your dress is lovely and bright Laurence. I always look forward to seeing what kind of accessories you'll wear(hats). Sylvain you dress impeccably. I can't wait to see your Fall/Winter wardrobe. Sylvain please do a post on what is in your closet. XOXO LisaO

  3. Exploring abandoned buildings is one of my favorite things to do! You guys make it look so chic!

  4. I enjoy your posts so much, your style is so lovely! I'm jealous of your amazing accessories :)
    Lots of love,

  5. Very cool building! And such a beautiful outfit, I love the dress.

  6. can´t wait to know where in my hometown you find that amazing dress... xxx

  7. great dress and watch. do you remember the name of the shop, whereyou found the dress here in berlin? i'm as curiuos about this infromation line in the ruins of berlin. :)

    when i was a teen i loved to walk through abondenned buildings ... this early summer we went to an abandonned adventure park hidden in the woods of treptower park here in berlin. you can't walk in - but you can see it through the fence ... it's pretty scary when you see the old obervation-wheel/big wheel suddenly moving in there - with no one in there ...


    1. I found it in SPITZE, what a lovely shop, a bit expensive but with so much amazing stuff!!!!!!

  8. It is rather heartbreaking to see once grand and beautiful buildings like that crumble to the hands of time. It's great that you guys were able to preserve the memory of how it looks at this stage in time now, before it further goes the way of the dinosaur.

    Utterly awesome ensembles (as always), my stylish friends! (The print on your dress is sublime!)

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I adore exploring abandoned buildings :D Love the outfits and photos, the dress is beautiful.

  10. I also noticed! Sylvain without a tie!!! What on earth??? ;) He looks great anyway. I love your dress, shoes, watch, bag - I just adore your outfit. And it seems like you still have nice weather in France.

  11. These photos are beautiful. I just found you on bloglovin. Love both your styles. Looking foward to seeing more..:)

  12. J'adore l'urbex !

    Et comme toujours, vous avez tous les deux de super looks !

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