Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CARNIVAL 50's skirt

I have a particular skirt that I really wanted to wear in Venice....

I was fearing not to be able to wear it due to the bad weather...

But we finally could enjoy Venice under the sun!!!!

What comes to your mind when you are thinking about this city?

Narrow channels?

CARNIVAL of course!!!!
I had to wear this novelty 50's skirt!
A tribute to venitian carnival masks....

So elegant my hubby!
Unfortunatly, we had a huge problem with our camera....

a lot of our pictures had small dark spots due to flaws on inside digital lenses... 
We must definitly change that camera!!! 
And that was the perfect weather to enjoy a gondola ride...
Riding a gondola is really expensive.
About 100 euros for one hour!!!!
But it's impossible to miss that!!!
It's so peacefull and you are able to see the city from a different angle.
 And that's so ROMANTIC!!!!

You must not choose gondolas in main touristic areas because it's so croudy!

Prefer to ride one in other places where you can see Venice true lifes. 

You will ask me: "And what about vintage in Venice?"

I searched on internet before departure to check if there were some vintage shoppes.

I found just a few adresses, most of them were selling second hand like Prada, Gucci...

I only found one that could have been interesting near University.
(Last 4 pictures by my brother in law)
Unfortunatly, when we arrived to this adress, we saw that this shop doesn't exist anymore...

But we had the pleasure to discover another area of the city with no tourist, many bars and more authentic restaurants!

We managed to find a jazz club and spent a nice musical evening! 
One last post remains from our Venice trip, I will try to give you advices to well plan your upcoming trip.
Do you look for vintage everywhere you go like us?
Do you need some tips or advices to plan a venitian trip ?


  1. Magnifiques photos de Venise qui m'avait aussi envoûtée! J'espère un jour y retourner avec mon futur-pas-encore-trouvé-car-il-se-cache-bien prince charmant!
    (et les petits points noirs ne gâchent pas trop les photos pas comme moi et ma grosse tâche de "gras"sur mes dernières photos du Japon!)

  2. Great skirts! Love the pictures!


  3. Be still my heart, that skirt is phenomenal!!! I really mean it, honey, it's just as cool and fun as can possibly be. I love both it and that you saved it to wear in the most fitting of countries. I adore bringing clothing that's relevant to my destination when we travel, too (so hence my cowgirl inspired looks during some of our recent days in Calgary).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. we always look for vintage shops when we travel! when we go to different parts of the us we find different things. for example, i NEVER see carnival chalk around me in Nashville, tn, but if we go just an hour and a half north to kentucky it is all over the place!

  5. I love your skirt, the colours are also lovely. And I love the monochrome photos of you both, you really look like you've jumped out of the fifties. :)

  6. That skirt is spectacular, and you are right, perfect for Venice!

    And despite the price, totally worth it! You really can't do Venice without!


  7. 100€ for a gondola ride though, that's so expensive! I suppose it's part of the overall experience but it sounds like they must be making a lot of money out of the tourists.

  8. Perfect skirt for the perfect city! ;)
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn