Monday, November 18, 2013

40's floral HOUSE DRESS

Here is an outfit that I planned to wear during our venitian trip....

unfortunatly it stayed in my suitcase due to bad weather.
So I could not wait to wear it when I came back home.
But I must tell you that I was finally pleased not to have been able to wear it before... 
You will ask me "Why?"
Because I was able to choose the best accessories to match it, that would not be possible while travelling!
First, I was pleased to wear for the first time this amazing 40's hat.
It's in mint condition, love it so much!!!
This straw purse match the colors of the outfit perfectly!
I choose these black and white Remix wedges to match my jacket.
That 40's NEW LOOK jacket was save by my husband, found in an old barn that was demolished.
It was in really poor condition...
but with such nice details, I took time to restore it!
Do you remember? This dress was purchased during our last shopping trip to Bruxelles.
Just a simple 40's house dress, cheap one but with a few well chosen accessories it's even over dressed nowadays!
Did you notice my new ERSTWILDER brooch?
Some readers asked me where to find those cute brooches, just on Ebay because this nice brand have no stockist in Europe or in North America, only in Australia.
But where is Sylvain????
Just under the hood!!!

Having 4 vintage cars also means a lot of repairs to do...
But Sylvain takes it with a smile!

  He loves them so much and speak all the time about vintage american cars!!!
I must tell you that I prefer to drive than to repair...

Perhaps the last ride of the year...
winter and salt on the road will soon be here.

 What are your man hobbies ? Linked to vintage ?
Have you ever drived a vintage car ?


  1. Oh j'aime la robe mais le chapeau est parfait!

    xoxo Little Miss Bamboo ~

  2. I love this outfit! The dress is just divine--I love, love, love the pattern. I would wear it all the time! The accessories are perfect, and the jacket is a great finish. Well done!

  3. While it's a shame you couldn't wear the dress while on holiday... I'm sure glad it got paired with that hat! They were destined for one another! Love the bucket purse too. Bravo pretty lady!

    xo Sara

  4. That hat is a real beauty!!! Your pictures are always so well-composed with the most beautiful backdrops. I love looking at them!

  5. It must be quite hard finding the parts to repair your cars? Especially living in Europe. How also did you get your cars did you have them shipped over? I just love your hat. It is amazing to find such a well kept hat. I know that the floral pieces normally get squashed or damaged. Lovely outfit:)

  6. Love the hat and earrings! They go so perfectly with the dress. I love classic american cars and the Chevy Bel Air is actually my favourite car! It's so cool that you own one :)

  7. Les couleurs sont très harmonieuses... et quel chapeau!!

  8. How absolutely incredible - and awesome - that your dear husband was able to salvage that beautiful jacket for you from an old barn. It really makes one stop and reflect on how many vintage (and antique) items have meet unnecessary demises in similar situations the world over. It's a sad thought indeed - I'd much rather focus my thoughts on your magnificent, perfectly styled ensemble here (including that gorgeous flower bedecked hat).

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Gorgeous dress and hat, and I especially love your beautiful bakelite!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  10. Love the dress and bangles. I have some plastic bracelets that look like bakelite but aren't and I love them. :)

  11. You always match your accessories to your outfit so well! And you and Sylvain are always so stylish, even when mending cars.

  12. You are both so charming, give S a hug from Denmark. :)