Tuesday, November 26, 2013

For MAN or for WOMAN????

So as I mentionned in my last post....

finding warm vintage clothes can be difficult.

I don't know why but for men, it's often the reverse!

It's much more easy to find heavy wool jackets than thin gabardine ones!
Sylvain's winter wardrobe is much more full than his summer one...
Cold don't afraid him!
Did you notice Sylvain fresh haircut? I'm his hairdresser :-)

For girls, mainly L size girls like me, it's difficult to built a vintage winter wardrobe!
So be creative!!!

Why not wearing men's stuf????
I bought this 40's red cardigan for my husband...
But when it arrived, it fitted me better than him!
I was really in love, it's so warm!

Flanel body and knitted sleeves!

I'm pretty sure it was designed for men because of its right side closure, but who cares?  

Another idea to keep your head warm with cold wind... 
This large heavy silk square seems to be a perfect 40's style turban!
That's just one of my souvenir from Venice, not even vintage!
I know, I promised you a tutorial to make this kind of turbans with scarves... I will try to share one soon!
Another advice, this skirt is from a 50's suit, if you don't have many winter separates, wear one time the full suit and after just the skirt or just the jacket with other separates and you will have 3 different outfits with the same one!
For winter try to use bright accessories to fight vintage blues!
Black is always elegant but with this red brooch, it's even more classy!!!
Last details, shoes!
Miss L Fire from their last year collection bought on sale!

It will be soon boots time and it will be less fancy...  

Do you wear sometime men's clothes?
Do you have some advices for cute winter outfits?



  1. Your sweater looks perfect! I never would have guessed that it wasn't meant just for you!

  2. Great advice. I love your plaid purse and red accessories in general. :)

  3. Your brooches are really lovely, what a nice outfit!

  4. you both look wonderful ... like always. :)
    the man's knit jacket looks wonderful on you. if it keeps you war, who cares which ways it closes ... my fav little piece of this post is the red swallow. it is the perfect piece on your jackets collar ... wow!

  5. I usually don't care if an item is for a man or a woman, I just like what a like, and you pulled off that sweater perfectly!

    I love the black and red combo! And we are shoe twins!!


  6. Thoroughly marvelous ensembles, both of you! Last year, I reached for red and black (and grey) so often during the winter, those hues became my unofficial uniform of the season. Such is the often the case, I find, as I just feel such a strong pull towards them with the mercury drops. I'm sure they'll be out in full force again here soon, too - though for the moment, even with snow on the ground, I'm clinging to my beloved autumn palette a wee bit longer.

    Big hugs (the first from my new computer :)),
    ♥ Jessica

  7. You are so right, very hard to find warm winter clothes! (Shoes in particular, ugh. Everything I own is a peeptoe, and I live in Seattle, the rainiest city imaginable.) Very good advice on the sweaters and suits. I'm sitting here in a cozy wool mens 30s sweater as I type! You look smashing. I love your box purse & gloves!

    xo Sara

  8. Perfect! That scotty dog pin is so cute! And the sweater fits you so well!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  9. I just discovered your blog and love it! You look gorgeous, and I'm enjoying going through older posts.