Monday, November 11, 2013


And weather was becoming better and better....

And here is our 4th day in Venezia!

Here is our outfits for the changing weather...

Sylvain was wearing a 40's pendelton jacket.

And this is one of my favorite skirt...

bought in Ebay many years ago, full and confortable...

it made many travels with me from Hawaii to... Venice!

So if you are planing a long trip inthe city of the Dodges,

you have to take one day to visit isles.

The most famous is Murano!

Murano is known for his glasses factories.

But I must tell you that Murano was quite dissapointing...

We visited the glasses museum but I would not recommend it.

Don't stay a long time in Murano, you must prefer to continue your trip to...


You will have to sail about 1 hour from Venice center, but it's worst it!!!!

Burano is a small fishermen island.

Instead all places that we visited before in Venice, Burano is very well restored.

All houses are painted with bright and joyfull colors.

I don't think a lot of fishermen still live there...

All small Streets are full of restaurants and...

laces shoppes! Laces from Burano is really famous...

but also so expensive, most of shoppes were selling made in China stuff, what a pity!

My skirt had autumn leaves and solorfull rhinestones on it... perfect fit!

And we came back to city center...

where Sylvain and his mother chose to test a strange thing...

Can you guess what is it?

Kiss fishes!!!!

I was quite afraid to test that...

And with his new feet we were able to have a stroll at night!

It's also nice to visit by night, all streets are almost empty!
The atmosphere is totally different!!!!

Are you ready for Venice finally Under the sun?
To be continued...

Have you ever been to Burano ?
What do you think about all these made in China souvenirs ?


  1. I've really loved seeing all your holiday photos and your holiday outfits! I'm glad that the weather improved as time went on, I always struggle to find vintage and rain appropriate footwear!!

  2. i'm really enjoying your vacation photos! thanks for posting so many so we can see so much! i don't know if i'll ever make it to venice, but it is beautiful!

  3. Oh no, that's a shame, I'm sorry that you guys weren't too keen on Murano. I've always adored the stunning glass works that the area produces, so it's really to bad that the museum didn't meet your expectations. It's great though that the rest of the day was oodles of fun set against what really has to be one the most vibrantly hued cities in the all the world. I'm so enjoying this day-by-day play of your trip. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I can't get over how dapper your man is! Seriously! I think he may be the most well dressed man I know of!

    And kudos for doing the fish thing! I'm not sure I could do that!


  5. How absolutely lovely of a place! You two look wonderful! The kiss fishes would really give me the creeps..


  6. I've seen those "fish" baths for your feet before but never tried it. How funny are they! I wonder what your husband thought of them? Your outfit is very lovely and I just love your skirt. The weather looks beautiful and so many colorful and interesting buildings. Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation pictures. I always love taking a sneak peak into your life. It almost feels like you are showing us photos from your photo album:) I'm curious do you get many people stopping and asking about your attire? It's so lovely and I know I'd do a double take and think how lovely the two of you are dressed:) I wonder if you ever get comments from people who would have been your age in the 50s:)

  7. Vous êtes superbes ! et ça donne envie d'aller se balader dans les rues de Venise !
    Biz ;-)

  8. You guys look great! Once again x

  9. I'm ready! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and fun comments. :)

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! For these beautiful pictures! I want so very badly to return to this beautiful place.
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn