Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summer Holidays

Last day of August... Last day to think again about our summer holidays! Autumn will be soon here, kids will go back to school and it's time for me to count the days from now till Christmas... Xmas is really my favorite time of the year!!!

So let's think again about those sunny days...
I took a break of 3 weeks in August.


We went to Dordogne, a really touristic area in South West of France. The place where you can visit pretty medieval villages and amazing castles. My familly in law lives there so it was quite economical holidays!
It's really not the place where you must start a diet. You can eat so much delicious specialties like "Duck's Confit" and "Foie Gras" or goat's cheese!

We visited the MONBAZILLAC castle with some friends and tasted there my favorite white sweet wine.

We also listenned some good music at Mike Sanchez's concert near Lot river! I love this great artist and his powerful boogie woogie.

A nice cruise in our friend's car, a 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria, was really fun too!

I really love the old yellow stones of the medieval city of Sarlat!


And to finish these sunny vacations we spent a week-end in Bruxelles (Belgium) for a rockabilly event.

A good flea market and some vintage clothing shops to begin... (I was hunting NOS 50's earrings on this picture!)

Mussels at the most famous Brasserie in Bruxelles "Chez Léon"...

Some vintage cars...

And the concert of Si Cranstoun which was really good. A great voice!

I finally could heard his DYNAMO song live, a real pleasure!!!!

And you, where did you go for vacations?
Did you spend nice Summer Holidays?


  1. Thanks! I hope to meet a lot of people thru this blog and why not in real life...?

  2. Swell photos you got there!
    I love the one in the car!!!