Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to start a blog???

How to start a blog? That's the question I'm asking myself just now....

Why not making a little presentation?

So my name is Laurence a french girl in love with the 40's-50's.

My first decision is to write this blog in english instead of french, I think it will be easier with english to have a chat with people all around the world. But you must be understanding it's not my birth language so you will probably find a lot of mistakes in my posts, sorry for that!!!

I'm a married about thirty woman who is living in a 60's home in France really closed to Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. I can be called a vintage girl living in a vintage house with a vintage husband, driving vintage cars, wearing vintage clothes, loving all vintage stuff from the 40's-50's. My favorite era is 1945-1955.

I will not tell you everything about me on my first post, you will have to follow me thru this blog to know more about my vintage life and I also hope to know exciting things from you too!!!

Let's share our love for VINTAGE!!!!

A little picture of me and my husband to start this blog, you can also see one of our vintage car....

Picture taken during a drive-in event some months ago
in Luxembourg...the movie was... GREASE!!!!


  1. Bonjour Laurence, quelle surprise de tomber sur ce blog =) j'ai cru vous apercevoir dans un powerglide si je ne dis pas de bêtise et je suis tombé amoureux de vos rideaux =D pourriez vous me dire ou vous avez trouvé le tissus svp. Merci d'avance. Bonne continuation.

  2. Oui, je suis bien passé dans le Powerglide au printemps... Alors pour nos rideaux, c'est de la repro car il est vraiment très difficile de trouver de grands métrages de tissu ancien. J'avais acheté le tissu sur un site US: ou je ne sais plus lequel des deux. Cependant, ces tissus réédités sont produits en quantité limitée et celui de nos rideaux est SOLD OUT depuis longtemps.

  3. Wow! Fantastic. Or should I say 'Fantastique. C'est manufique!' Just stumbled in here from Fifties50s via Just A Car Guy. Love what youre doing, and man, you are SERIOUS! Spent the last half hour or so just perusing...
    Didn't see a 'contact' button on your profile page, so thought that this was as good a place as any to give a shout...