Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We spent an amazing week-end at Disneyland Paris with friends, cars and rock'n roll!!!
I was invited with my husband and my vintage car by Route 66 Arizona association to a Rock'n Roll Festinal in Disney Village.

We made a stop to Reims, the capital of Champagne, to share a good evening with our friends.

I received this beautiful suit as a gift
belonged to my grand mother's friend Christophe!
We spent a night there and it was better than a luxury bed and breakfast!!! I love their ART DECO home furnished with so much taste.

 My Chevy also had a special "room" with its sisters... a '53 Buick and a '58 Lincoln!

And we continued the road to Disneyland...

320km later we arrived to New-York Disney Hotel
My car and other vintage cars were parked in the Disney Village for 3 days. There were some rock'n roll concerts too.

Easy to become a kid again in Disneyland...

Going to concerts I met a big Star...
There was an award ceremony to reward the most beautiful cars of this week-end on Saturday. The award was a statue of Minnie. So cute!!! I really wanted to have one. My wish was fulfilled... twice!!! I won the award of the best 50's car and furthest traveller!

On the same day we crossed Paris by Subway to visit the new home of our friend. A beautiful 50's appartement!!! I'm so happy for them.

Good weather to visit Hanted House...
The attraction I love the most is the "Small World", you can only smile when you leave this attraction!!!

The sleeping beauty castle is really wonderful!

All the "tapisseries" and stained glasses come
 from the best french historical factories

We also visited the Walt Disney Studios.

And we finally came back home after a big storm...
 We were already at the same event last year and hope we will be there again next year!
Do you love Disneyland like me?
Are you like a kid when you go there?


  1. Très belles photos et reportage très sympa ! bravo pour ton blog Laurence - Amitiés vintage ExoTiki

  2. Merci bien! J'espère arriver à tenir ce blog régulièrement car ça prend un temps fou!!!