Sunday, November 27, 2011

A new hair style

I really hate going to hairdresser. I have never find one who can understand really what I want. I think most of them only do what they want without listenning to their customers. After coming back from a hairdresser appointment I usually go straigh to the bathroom to wash my hair and finally do the hair style I want... Why are all hairdressers so expensive to give such poor services???
It's perhaps easy to find a retro style salon in a big city but where I live I have already tested about 10 of them... and always come back with some kind of 70's look... something like the blonde singer from the sweedish group ABBA!!! Totally hate that!!!!

So here is my new hair style after my personnal touch... (definitively not the best pictures ever!!!)

It's one of the shorter hairstyle I ever wore... But I think it's pretty cool to have shorter hairs. But I usually don't let my hair straight, so I used sponge rolls to make the following style.

A cold sunday morning at flea market...

But it was not an usual flea market!
For on time we were sellers and not buyers...

What do you think about my new hairstyle?
Did you manage to find a perfect hairdresser?


  1. You look so pretty-I think it suit you perfectly! xox

  2. Your hairstyle suits you very much.
    I had to go through four stylists before I found my own. She is at a salon for the old ladies. This salon still has old fashion hair dryers and stylists there understand that a perm can be very good for the stick straight hair (like my own) to hold a curl.But even if my stylist knows how to finger wave and pincurl very well, she still has a mind of her own and kind of does her own thing with my hair.
    One time I requested finger waves and she did them, nicely, I should say, and then took them out just because she does not "really" like that look! But who is asking her?!? So, I ended up with out finger waves, only the curls got "permission" to stay.
    So, I really understand your dilemma...

  3. You look very nice!

    I was never satisfied with going to the hairddressers until now. But then my hairdresser really IS a retro hairdresser and a good one too. :)

  4. The curled style is a favourite and what a beautiful flower! Also your bracelet is really cute!

  5. Your hair looks beautiful.I have been doing hair 20 years now and I always keep my clients facing the mirror so they can see everything I do,and I even measure legnth before cutting.Cuz some hair dressers measurments are different than what their clients measurments are when they try to explain it.if that made sense.I hope you eventually find a good hairstylist.xx

  6. It's good that you know how to style your hair because some people solve the problem by going to another salon and getting it fixed. Short hair can be unfit to some but you pulled it off! You look fabulous with the vintage look, by the way.

    @Curtis Mchale

  7. I love your short hairstyle! Some girls are afraid of going for short hair, thinking that it would not look good on them, but that’s clearly not the case with you. Your blonde hair looks absolutely gorgeous like that! It’s definitely a good thing that you know how to style your own hair. Using sponge rolls is a great idea. The retro hairstyle does look good on you.