Sunday, December 25, 2011

Another Christmas almost over...

I'm back after 2 really busy weeks to prepare Christmas! First, I spent some days in Paris last week in order to shop our last gifts for Christmas. Unfortunaly I didn't take a lot of pictures...

We met a lot of friends there, we went to Rockabilly concerts, we played tourists and went to vintage shoppes and retro flea markets...

We spent a moment in Montmartre but it was so cold and windy... a good excuse to go to warmer places... my 2 favorites vintage shoppes in Paris...

The first one is Mamie Blue with its amazing owner Brigitte!!! Only clothes before the 60's...

And the second one is Mamie... this shop is so full of vintage treasures that it's sometimes hard to find your way in!!!
We spent a nice time there with some friends.

I found this so cute bakelite brooch!!!
So 50's and so... PARISIAN with its little Eiffel Tower!!!

If you want to visit these shoppes if you plan to go to Paris soon, all informations HERE.

I also visited some other places where I found some cute vintage tops, slips, dresses, skirts, hats, shoes... I came back with a small suitcase full of new "old" clothes.

And Christmas eve was already here... I cooked for all familly and we spend a nice evening together.

Santa Claus was really generous, our Christmas tree was surrounded by gifts. I was wearring one of my parisian purchase: an evening chinese dress from the 50's!

Here with my mum.

My husband was really pleased with his gift: a lot of 40's ties. And look at our waitress on the back... I also found some clothes for her in Paris!!! 

I hope you spent nice moments with your familly and friends for this Christmas and I will leave you with the most famous Christmas french song dating from the 40's, it's called "Petit Papa Noël"...

What was you favorite gift these year ?
What do you plan for New Year Eve next week ?


  1. Happy Holidays! Those vintage shops look AMAZING!

  2. Looks like you're having a fabulous time!

  3. Thanks so much for the comment and link to your blog! I love your dress, so beautiful. I am incredibly envious of your bakelite poodle!! :) x

  4. Belle promenade à Montmartre...